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  1. EUC-Lover

    GotWay New Android APP

    I would also appreciate a link for downloading the app as a non - Facebook user. Thanks
  2. 4 years later a cockpit crew was killed on a crash caused by again... Lithium batteries
  3. I agree to everyone who says that without batteries our beloved devices should be accepted on airplanes, at least on cargo ones. Nevertheless, I also understand air carriers prohibitions for Lithium batteries. I worked 15 years for one of them and in 2006 they "lost" an airplane due to hidden dangerous goods - - > called Lithium batteries... If the fire on board would have started only a few minutes earlier quite some people would have died. Apart from all this it's very disappointing not to be able to carry our wheels with us on holidays, no question...
  4. EUC-Lover

    ACM enhanced, new front- and backlight

    The last post regarding the 534 lumen version is quite a while ago. It's there any news on this? Did anybody really try it? Yesterday I had a short trip in the dark and the original headlight is truly not bright enough for driving on roads without any streetlights whatsoever... I'm curious to see how you are doing with the different opportunities...?
  5. EUC-Lover

    MicroWorks 30B4 EGG mobile app OpenSource

    I just tried to connect the app with my LG G4 DUALSIM and similar to the original Gotway app it wouldn't connect... Unfortunately! The only app that works with my smartphone is the WheelLog app. But this one does not allow settings whatsoever... Thus, I will have to always use a second phone (Galaxy S2) to make setting changes... It's kind of a nightmare for me...
  6. EUC-Lover

    German Discussion Group

    Hallo, ja prima... Persönlich bin ich in Köln selbst noch nicht unterwegs gewesen. Vom Hörensagen sollen die in Köln recht streng sein... Schicke einmal eine PN oder Email (rolf.lonien@gmail.com) mit deiner Handynummer dann nehmen wir dich in unsere WhatsApp Gruppe auf.
  7. EUC-Lover

    MicroWorks 30B4 EGG mobile app OpenSource

    @electric_vehicle_lover since there was no answer so far whether it works with the ACM or not I just downloaded your app and will test it with my ACM tomorrow afternoon. On the left hand listing sheet where you choose the page that you want to have displayed, wouldn't it makes sense to change the wording "Calibration" into "Settings"? Because "calibration" is only one part of that page... Being already there, is it possible to also add settings for alarms as well as tilt back? Then it would be one hundred percent perfect, without that (as it is now) it's just 99,9 percent perfect... ?????
  8. EUC-Lover

    German Discussion Group

    Ach herrjeh... Gut, dass du das Wheel so schnell zurück bekommen hast. Halte uns bitte auf demLaufenden. Ist schon interessant, wie das jetzt mit Anwalt und Polizei weiter geht...
  9. EUC-Lover

    German Discussion Group

    Keine Lust mehr auf die Gruppe?
  10. EUC-Lover

    GotWay Msuper V3

    Don't forget that this was the first charge of the battery and as usual, batteries take some charging periods before they deliver full capacity / full range...
  11. EUC-Lover

    ACM V2 & Android 6

    I took an old Samsung S2 now from my son and the App (barely) works. Is it normal that apart from the beep of the wheel itself the App does not give any feedback? I mean, you can't really see the current chosen mode, or the actually tilt back speed.. You push on a mode or tilt back speed and the wheel beeps, but you're not able to see whether you hit the correct speed or mode since it's not highlighted in the screen in any way... I've chosen sports mode and tilt back 30 km/h, because this is the absolut maximum speed I wanna be able to go...
  12. EUC-Lover

    ACM V2 & Android 6

    @Marty Backe Thank you very much for the link. Unfortunately this doesn't work either... It seems to be an issue with the my 'special' phone. It's a LG G4 DUALSIM version that is not available on the German market. I bought it from a shop in the UK and the phone is from 'Hongkong'... See Screenshot.... And there is no difference whether I change the language settings to English or not, before installation... If I try to connect (pair) from the Bluetooth settings it always says 'Gotway... denied the connection..' and if I just start the App it doesn't find my phone... I'll try with a Samsung S2 tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully that one will work fine... I'll keep you posted. Again, thanks for your support! Rolf
  13. EUC-Lover

    ACM V2 & Android 6

    I've checked in the systems settings of my phone and all requested rights are permitted / authorized...
  14. EUC-Lover

    ACM V2 & Android 6

    Hi everybody, just received my ACM V2 and I'm a little bit upset because of not being able to connect (pair) my cellular phone (LG G4) with the device. The G4 runs on Android 6.0... Is there anybody out there who successfully connected any other smartphone (with Android 6.0) with the ACM V2? Also the GW app does not find the device (probably because I'm not able to pair them). I'd appreciate helpful hints / comments / advices. Thanks in advance! Edit: the "WheelLog" App works fine, even without pairing the two devices upfront. But unfortunately this App does not include making setting changes, such as warnings, tilt back etc.
  15. frank aus düsseldorf,hallo.

    ks 18 seit januar, davor ips und ninebot e.

    bin  57 und jede std. auf dem e-rad

    macht mich jünger.;)

    fahre eher in den wäldern und anderen 'freiräumen'

    als auf der 'kö', wg. illegal und so.

    habe auch kontakt zu ninebotter per mail,

    und kenne persönlich  einen weiteren fahrer in dieser stadt.

    vieleicht machen wir mal persönlichen kontakt incl.tour in der region.

    offen für alles, hals und beinbruch.