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  1. Dang Paulo sorry for all your bad luck! Are you sure we’re getting the full story?
  2. Rehab1


    Your the man!
  3. You will need to apply heat to the area from a propane torch or a high wattage soldering gun. A hair dryer does not produce enough heat to soften any locktite that is possibly on the threads. I used a torch on my S18 hex nuts to soften the locktite.
  4. Are we still kicking around names? This little cartoon got me thinking.... I before E.
  5. That’s really disappointing! So glad you’re ok! I feel extremely safe on my S18 but after reading your story I shot back to reality.... no wheel is 100% safe. Best wishes on resolving this matter.
  6. That’s awesome! Congrats! You downplayed your experience. From your discussions I pictured you not fully taking flight but just running around on the ground trying to get the nerve to gain altitude. Your way beyond that.
  7. Oops... 220...240.
  8. Sounds experimental. Would love to see a video. Be careful. I crashed both of my experimental helicopters. No pilot error. Just crappy parts that weren’t rigorously tested.
  9. $15K! Here you go. I did most of the work. If you look real close I even left some of @eucVibes’s skin in the photo for DNA authentification.
  10. An injury or illness that’s so disabling that it requires around the clock life support to continue on. It doesn’t stop me from enjoying crazy hobbies but the thought scares me. I keep seeing your comments about a flying bedsheet. Are you speaking about an ultralight/hang glider ? Trust me being scared to a point that it affects your cognizant abilities while piloting will end your hobby in an instant.
  11. I’m sure @ShanesPlanetcould come up with something.
  12. @eucVibesYour artist does amazing work! Can you share what the cost was?
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