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  1. That’s sad! Congratulations! You missed out of some fun activities since childhood but now you can make up for it!
  2. Extremely happy! Granted I have not had the opportunity to ride the V11. When I purchased the S18 my expectations were: 1) Excellent off road wheel with a shock system offering both compression and rebound adjustments. 2) Ability to swap out the shock in the future as suspension R&D is ongoing. 3) Medium range is fine as my legs won’t tolerate riding over 30+ miles traversing bumpy terrain. 4) Awesome state-of-the-art appearance with an exoskeletal body that reveals the complex suspension system. All of my expectations have been met.
  3. Now ..now. Be kind. I actually did put a saddle on my Z10 just for fun.
  4. Shane hopefully your still around so I can show you my new thread identifier. You were the impetus behind the purchase. To date I don’t have any missing screws on the S18 but this tool would be great for any wheel to determine the screw’s length and thread size.
  5. Hopefully Jack will continue to provide a full breakdown of the new features applied to each FW update when released. Shane I could very easily have experienced the same unfortunate outcome you had if I had updated my firmware earlier. I owe you!
  6. Thanks! I’m relieved! Your basis for updating the firmware is sound. Your detailed breakdown on FW changes was excellent! Please continue providing these important specifics with each new FW modification. Thanks again!
  7. Jack should there be any concerns of the S18 shutting down if the trolley handle inadvertently pops up while riding?
  8. That happened before with the V10F where IM used suboptimal bearings. During their recall they were replacing bearings and waterproofing the batteries. Such an expensive mistake.
  9. Just performed the update and I have the same issue. Once you extend the handle beyond the 1st notch everything is fine. Not sure what type of lifting sensor(s) the handle has but there must be more than one sensor that determines the telescopic position. If the new 2.05 FW update can easily interrupt a wheel‘s momentum in these circumstances I have concerns. Why does the S18 trolley electronics need to be so complicated?
  10. Damn! I feel for ya!
  11. OMG! That totally sucks! I have not updated mine yet. Sorry your were the guinea pig on this mishap. @Jack King Song we need your input ASAP on this latest 2.05 firmware update! PLEASE provide owners with a detailed account on the exact changes/characteristics implemented on the new 2.05 firmware so we’re all prepared before riding! Please apply this notification standard to all future firmware updates!
  12. My crashing days are over.
  13. I’m not sure Bobby. The surface is weird. Appears to be formulated with a significant amount of petroleum based or silicone product. I couldn’t get self adhesive velcro to stick adequately. I cleaned the surface well but did not sand the material. I ended up fastening my GoPro mount with rivets.
  14. Just like dents in your car.
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