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  1. Title should be ‘California Dreaming!’ While shoveling snow this morning I’m dreaming about your warm weather.
  2. Totally agree. I never leave my wheels outside.....except for this test. I left the Z10 outside this afternoon for 5 hours so both the temperature of the data logger and the wheel would acclimate. I need accurate quantifiable data of both both to test the thermal pad effectiveness. Unfortunately both of the Z10’s battery temperature sensors are off by over 9 degrees F. The data logger is running at 44 degrees F ( 6.6 C) and the Z’s batteries are at 53 degrees F (11.6 C) . Temperature Data Logger = +/- 44 degrees F (6.6 C) Bat 1= 53 degrees F( 11.6 C) Bat 2= 53 degrees F (11.6 C) I’m not in the mood to rip into my wheels and place temperature data logger probes inside so I have the KS 16X acclimating outside right now to see how accurate it’s battery temperature sensors are.
  3. Unfortunately I’m not interested in tearing into the wheel for this experiment. If I can maintain the temperature of the packs without any significant decrease over time, say 90 minutes, then I’ll be happy. I was able to keep both battery pack’s temperatures at 59 degrees F earlier when it was 34 degrees outside but the wheel was only outdoors for an hour. I want the entire wheel to acclimate outside for a few hours so the battery temps and outside temps match up before I begin testing.
  4. You guys are spoiling all of my fun. You both may be right. The temperature is suppose to drop this afternoon so I’m currently acclimating the Z10 outside (yes...I switched wheels). Currently it’s 34 degrees F outside at 1:05 pm Z10 sitting alone with thermal pad and data logger ready to go this evening. Current Z10 battery temperatures at 1:04 Bat 1 Bat 2 I’m not concerned if it works or not. It’s just a fun project. Only a few hours labor and very little cost. We’ll find out tonight.
  5. @Jason McNeil ‘s going to kill me for this! Only kidding! Please don’t call Ewheels!!!!!!
  6. Possibly. Many of my EUC experiments have been jokes (just ask around) but if it turns out that the thermal pad produces enough heat transfer to warm the inner shell and subsequently the batteries then I’ll be 2 for 10.
  7. Awesome dog @Elliott Reitz! You both were having fun!
  8. Skydio 2 has been in production for 10 years building off the success of the R1 while providing an open source for app developers to further expand it’s capabilities. Their obstacle avoidance capabilities were superior to the Mavic Pro but that may soon change with the introduction of Mavic 3. i have both the Mavic Pro and Phanton 4 for distance flights but for close up tracking with superior collision avoidance is what I’m after,
  9. Word is out that the Mavic 3 will be available in January 2020. The timing is interesting being that the Skydio 2 will be in full delivery mode at that time. It appears Mavic 3 will also have some amazing obstacle avoidance capabilities. It should be an awesome duel between the 2 companies.
  10. Rehab1

    v5f vs v5f+

    I believe the V5F+ purchase from you was the beginning our friendship.
  11. As winter approaches we all know that Lithium Ion batteries hate cold weather which affects the overall performance of our wheels while diminishing your ride time. I decided to custom fabricate a thermal pad for EUCs that will hopefully transfer enough heat through the shell to help maintain battery efficiency. This EUC Thermal Pad can be adapted to various EUCs but I chose to first experiment with the 16X. I started the whole process by completely disassembling a back support with heating elements incorporated into the fabric. The unit is powered by a slim rechargeable battery pack (See battery pocket next to the left of the green on/off switch.) Here I performed an autopsy on the back warmer. Next I cut down the thermal pad and rerouted the wires. I then stitched a waterproof thin plastic membrane and binding over the device while carefully avoiding the embedded heating elements. Once the thermal device was complete I attached a bluetooth temperature data logger on top of the pad and then proceeded to turn everything on. Awesome! No flames! None of the wires or heating elements were compromised during the sewing/assembly process. Below is a graph taken today of the bluetooth data logger depicting a 12 minute episode of the EUC Thermal Pad gaining temperature. It takes a few minutes for the thermal pad to initially warm up. It reached 97 degrees F (36 degrees C). Here I’ve attached the EUC Thermal Pad to my 16X under the handle. It is held in place with Velcro. Once it turns cold outside I’ll report back on the functionality of the device. Hopefully I’ll be able to draw some comparisons between the internal temperatures of the 16X and the amount of influence the thermal pad will have on it’s ability to transfer heat inside.
  12. I pulled up some patent documents on the new Skydio. Below is a flow chart of the drone’s sophisticated computerized interfaces. The new drone will begin shipping the end of this month.
  13. Congratulations! Is it possible to ask the facility and report back? I’m sure many members (including myself) would love to know what modifications were performed.
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