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    Working with disabled children. motorcycles, helicopters, drones, stayin alive. Own Gotway Mten3 and Tesla.

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  1. I’ll stick up for you Marty and have actual proof.
  2. Rehab1


    Is that your screen saver? Did you try hitting the ‘Help’ prompt to place an order?
  3. Rehab1


    Awesome gathering! Unfortunately my group rides involve our family dogs chasing me around the backyard.
  4. Your statement flashed through my mind after deciding to ride my abandoned Mten3 earlier. Unfortunately it has sat for 3 months, was at 50% charge and 30 degrees outside. After a 10 minutes of riding I decided to stop thanks to your subliminal suggestion.
  5. Rehab1


    I bet you are kicking yourself for not recording this. I’m not sure anyone on the forum has ever submitted a video with cops following them. Hopefully the next time you’ll capture it.
  6. Rehab1


    Many thanks for the explanation.
  7. Rehab1


    Or mothers pushing babies in strollers.
  8. Rehab1


    Sorry I haven’t ventured over to your thread in a while. I’m not going to pretend that I fully understand the complexity of your projects but it is awe inspiring to me.
  9. I’m sorry to hear this Chad! That is one nasty gash! It’s wonderful that strangers came to your aid. I use to own a V5F and absolutely trusted it. Please keep us updated. Be well! I fully agree!
  10. Rehab1

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    That area of the humeral head was pulverized so ortho just suctioned out the bone fragments during surgery. They may have ended up in some dog food or garden fertilizer.
  11. Rehab1

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    1 year post op Xrays this morning. Good news that there is adequate blood flow to the humeral head resulting in no atrophy of the bone mass. Unfortunately the lateral area of my humeral head that was shattered will never grow back (circled in the red). The humeral head should be round in nature but someone took a chunk out of mine.
  12. Great vid! Thanks. Not sure why anyone would downvote your informative video.
  13. Rehab1

    Screws set for Inmotion v10

    Bummer! How on earth did you destroy your Z? The shells are pretty durable. Are you Ok? I have never seen replacement screw sets. Your best bet would be a hardware store. Just take along a sample. You’ll probably have to spray the heads flat black unless you can find a specialty supplier.
  14. Rehab1

    The Photo Thread

    Meeps, when are you going to share some more photos? You always have some great shots with interesting subject matter.
  15. Rehab1

    I Woke Up Today With Tinnitus

    I had that last week in my left ear. I wad up moistened toilet tissue and shove them in my ears to block my wife’s snoring sounds. If you don’t squeeze out the moisture enough it will drip back into your ear. Mine went away in two days. Weird feeling.