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  1. yeah, glad it didn't fail during use! I'm thinking of shipping it 1radwerkstatt.de and seeing what they can do with it.....shame we haven't got anything similar in the UK!
  2. I have IPS Xima Lhotz, which has served me well for about 2 years until one morning it just wouldn't turn on. It's not the switch or batteries, so I'm thinking the BMS....however Im no technical wizard and I'm having trouble finding anyone who fixes these Damn things....! Have you got any advice?? I'm in the UK.. Thanks! Tom
  3. Thanks! I've emailed them. Fingers crossed!
  4. Hi all, so the repair guys have said it's the bms and battery pack, but that they can't source one from their usual suppliers. Any ideas? I've posted a pic of the module below...
  5. Hi All: so after a couple of years of trouble free riding I finally have a fault. . .= ( I've taken it to the fine chaps at Tronix City in Bristol and they've informed me "its the batteries and BMS System" but that they can't find replacement parts from their usual suppliers. . Is there anyone out there with any ideas of where I can get my hands on one of these damn things? Any advice direction and support most gratefully received. . . . .Otherwise I'll have to get a new one and tbh. . . I can't really see the point of upgrading?? They still LOOK the same and DO the same right?
  6. It's not the switch.....grrrr! That leaves the circuit board right? That something you can buy afresh? It's not the voltage either btw
  7. Thanks Steve, I've been trying to think of the simplest thing to check first and I think The Switch may be it! That and voltage, (but batteries had been abs fine up until failure)
  8. Ok! So either tongue or multimeter I guess! Thanks. Step 1...
  9. Hi all, it's been a while since I've posted here and I've got a couple of years happy riding from my wheel but......switched it on today and nothing. Not a light, not a blip nothing. Bricked! Charger has been working fine and I've opened it up and not been able to find any disconnected wires or burns, or water entry. Poor wheel has died. Nothing on the last ride to suggest any problems. Any ideas? (Other than writing to Santa!? )
  10. An ha! Bluetak we'd call that. Ingenious... Ok I'll slap some on. Thanks! What do you mean a setting for tilt back?
  11. Having a great time, falling off less, (although once quite dramatically when I mounted up having forgotten to switch her on! No one saw, thank god) Now I've discovered fancy snake hips turns like skiing and I've even talking it down sheep tracks across Meadows. Seems there's two modes of riding, fast flat surfaces require straight legs. Slow off road and potholes require bent knees to respond to wobbles. I've learned not to duck to avoid leaves and branches but rather to bend ze knees I'm up to the 30km limit now thanks to a borrowed iPhone which is great but on quiet open ro
  12. So downhill allows the motor to act as a dynamo?
  13. Hi Keith: Thanks, that's really what I wanted to know. For some reason I got the bare minimum of manual with the IPS out of the box, so I knew nothing of usage and indicators. I think I'm just about across most of the important features and usage factors to look after me and the wheel. All I have to do now is deal with the weird motion sickness I get after a long day of riding! Feels like I've been ona boat! Does that pass??
  14. Unlocked it? I can barely mount it... I'd be worried about what is do with the temptation of 30 on day 2!That said , I did try to unlock it with my mum's Apple ipad (I'm wholly Android) but even after upgrading os etc, couldn't connect. Figured the xima lhotz app doesn't work on ipad? Yeah ok so I don't need to be too worried about messing around on the low teens going to do ultimate damage to my batteries. Thanks for that reassurance. It's like a new baby that I don't want to do the wrong thing with! (is already got a few scratches...)
  15. Hiya, thanks for the tip. I've tried upping the tyre pressure to 45 and felt like I was starting from scratch again! Wow. tricky? Possibly because of smaller area contacting the ground. I've decided to let pressure out to ease balance and not to de-moralise myself! I'll gradually increase the pressure as I get more in control. On another issue: I'm still not entirely sure what to do when I get the solid beep and the flashing of all lights. I know now that it means depleted battery (not over-heathing, thankfully) , but I've discovered this can happen after heavy load when the battery is a
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