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  1. I got my Sherman two days ago. I will try to do a proper video review of this wheel during the weekend when I have some time on my hands. If there is any question that you would like to ask please let me know and I will do my best to answer them. In the meantime this is a small video of me having fun riding around Milano, italy.
  2. It's good to be back on the UNI after almost three months of home lockdown in Milano, Italy
  3. There's a free beer waiting for all you EUC riders coming to visit us in Milano at our "secret" Head Quarter .
  4. Glad you enjoyed the video Marty. I was living in NYC when I first started riding an EUC. I feel so nostalgic every time I go back.
  5. What's so funny about wanting better specs ? Gotway is associated with performace wheels more than any other thing. Also the Nikola in black looks way better than the white version. KS 18XL is a lot more popular than KS 18L and it only has more batteries.
  6. Qualche immagine dal raduno di Recco. Il tempo non ci ha assistito ma ce la siamo spassata lo stesso
  7. I find it to be safer actually. To give you an analogy, skiers that do downhill assume a seated-like position
  8. You are correct but considering that the guy on the Cinquecento was making a left turn, was going slow and was on top of pedestrian crossing I was counting on him letting me pass. We exchanged eye contact and I must have misinterpreted his intention to let me cross. Anyhow you are right about the fact that I should have let him pass first.
  9. Sorry guys, it looks like I am riding around like a pirate but that Insta 360 camera creates a perspective distortion. Pavement looks much narrower that it actually is. I have been riding on that same path for over two year now, twice a day, and I get nothing but smiles from people. I never ever put anybody in danger especially mothers with babies in strollers. I was also very surprised when I looked at the video because in a lot of passages it seems like I am much closer to people or obstacles than I actually am. If you see the other video made with gopro on that same path you will see t
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