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  1. The lack of torque in lift position was changed to that after a vendor raised it as an issue that riders were still attempting to ride it in the 'lift position' causing harm to themselves or damage to the wheel. We'll leave it as is for now, not everything can be customizable in the apps. In regards to the light, I have not seen this issue brought up by others.
  2. I think it's due to a faulty BMS. eWheels will be able to offer you direct warranty support, I'll esclate this issue.
  3. Due to trademarking Gotway changed their name to BEGODE. Strictly speaking the name change was because of foreign markets but from what I've seen it's a name change across the world. Local Gotway riders have Begode gear
  4. Just a quick update for everyone. Disabling confirmation beeps is being worked on. The phone will now provide a confirmation notification (similar to what you adjust horizontal tilt if you have the latest app).
  5. We have not made any changes, a lot of what you are experiencing is just placebo. Think about it this way: if we made changes to offer more torque why would we not publicly share that info?
  6. The red light indicates that the wheel is powered on. If you are experiencing different results during charging/riding ; light sometimes off sometimes on in the same states please take a picture and send it to me. Thank you!
  7. I‘ve brought this up with my engineers, I'll see how they respond to your results/findings and let you guys know here.
  8. We changed it due few riders thinking you could ride it in lift position.
  9. We had reports previously about app not being able to close however it no longer seems to be an issue, can you send me a video recording please? It asks for permissions as the app comes with many features like being able to track your ride. You do not have to allow them but you may miss out on some of the cool features. If you don't feel safe about the app just know that the app is downloadable through Google Play Store and is verified by Google.
  10. Theres multiple points that may cause the wheel to shift to one side. However the most likely and most common are due to the platforms on the axel of the motor. Unlike other wheels where precision of these platforms are not needed to be so precise the S18 with all it's moving parts does require that. Hence if you remove your motor you can observe the cuts to see which side may need additional support.
  11. Weirdly enough the FB community voted for "keeping it". Regardless, you are right. The third option will be something I will bring up.
  12. Can you please send me a video through message of the app not being able to close? The apps are the same except Google Play has to go through a approval process that was initially extremely delayed when we first relaunched this app. The app requires those features as there is a video recording feature (similar to darknessbot) where you can record video with the stats appear on the video, and GPS to be tracked on map. Most of the app will function fine without permission for those.
  13. Calibrations wont mess up your wheel and I have never heard of that happening. Usually if that happens its because they were updating firmware and it corrupted because they left the screen or killed the app or connection issues. You just have to eyeball it. Very little people use a stand
  14. Pedal dip can occur and exaggerated if you have not calibrated the S18 properly. If you've calibrated the wheel whilst its tilted too far left or too far right it can result in pedal dips at turns.
  15. You can use the back of a screw driver to hammer it back into place to keep it flush.
  16. From my experience 1. If you accelerate hard it'll tilt back before you reach cut out point. If slowly climb up to to 50km/h it wont be an issue. 2. You may experience some small SMALL angle tilt before 50 but nothing significant that would prevent you from going to 50km/h if you have your mind set to it. Remember you can turn off alarm 1 and 2 by setting them to 0.
  17. You dont need that exact MP3 file, any MP3 file would work.
  18. Eve I understand your frustration and though it may feel like King Song is not on it, we are. I've been keeping tabs on the forum (though not engaging with it) to see what issues customers may be having, whether that may be a one off or an issues that affected more users.
  19. Purposeful design with handle. Originally when it hit the lift handle position the wheel would just fall over and due to the design made it hard to grab. Look at early reviews of influencers on this subject.
  20. I have not been notified of otherwise. I've tested Chinese units here at King Song and they perform the same. If you had a different experience it was probably due to an old firmware on an older wheel. None of the new wheels or latest firmwares have that 200km requirement.
  21. I can speak for other wheels but as users here understand S18 is a complex wheel with many parts interacting with one another. Our current solution is placing a shim on top of the axel.
  22. That's not accurate, please have a look at the document I made here: https://imgur.com/a/XFNp2Xa 10km will allow full speed to be unlocked, otherwise you can ride at 33km/h (you have to set it in app)
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