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  1. It's not during normal ride that the beginner would experience something, but back in the day all wheels wouldnt cut off almost until it was laid down. This meant the wheel would tumble, injuring the rider and the wheel. I understand we've now gone into new territory where EUCs are stepping into offroad and skate park like environments but changes must be added at caution. I'm thoroughly thinking about it, and in fact the the team has been thinking about it deeply in the past few weeks.
  2. I have two units im constantly testing and I'm able to scrape pedals without cut off.
  3. We are discussing the cutoff angle. We want to offer this feature where you can customize the cut off angle to members like this forum but worry about new riders causing harm to themselves or their precious S18 adjusting an angle without knowing what it does. The 45 degree cut off angle doesnt happen when you ride at speed, I've done some extremely tight turns at slow speed (almost in place) and it's near impossible for it to cut off unless thats what youre looking for.
  4. Exactly, so in a hypothetical situation where you just got off a trail from mad jumps and your handle popped into "lift position" but you didnt know and you stopped at a stop sign or a traffic light the wheel wont just fall or turn into "lift mode" where it will fall at 1km/h.
  5. The handle can pop up, the reason the handle can pop up is that its easier to push the button. However theres no need to worry, if the handle pops during ride or a jump and you come to a stop it wont engage into "lift mode". The wheel needs to be stopped to change into different modes.
  6. No, as stated in the video. Whilst riding if the handle pops up into lift position it wont change the dynamics of the wheel aka causing you to cut out. The biggest concern I had with 203 was that riders would ride in lift position on purpose/or by accident and cut out at a higher speed than 204+
  7. I'll provide 2.05 updates through app, again please update to latest firmwares via app. Not Softtuner.
  8. You are not meant to ride with the handle up as thats 'lift mode'. The video shared about firmware 204 demonstrated how the trolley handle works. Heres a breakdown of how the trolley handle in lift position in these firmwares: 2.02 When handle reaches lift position the motor would cut off. Meaning the user needs to go from lowest-highest in one rapid/smooth motion. 2.03 When handle reaches lift position the wheel would still stay upright and you could ride it at a risk of it not offering you enough power, you would be able to reach 5-10km. This presented a safety issue of riders not knowing they were riding with handle being in 'lift position' 2.04/2.05 Dialed back even more, when the wheel reaches lift position the power is limited to the point where you can hardly ride it, this meant that if the rider started riding it in lift position the wheel would stop at 1km/h preventing injury at a higher speed. You can see the motor power difference when you lift up the wheel in 2.03 vs 2.04. This meant the wheel doesnt just drop in it's lift position. Please note these are not the only changes to the firmwares, 2.05 should be launched via King Song app this week. If you see the firmwares on the KS app, you can update and I'll put update notes in there. Please avoid using Softtuner, its a developer app and includes firmwares that are not fully released.
  9. If you’ve received an S18 please update to the latest firmware! (2.05)
  10. Shane, can you please send me photos of the four places I described in the video, i want to submit this to my team and make sure this doesnt happen again. I hope you get the screws from Jason but if you are in a rush I'm sure your local hardware store has them too.
  11. EDIT: Videos being trimmed
  12. 1. Can you please DM me the app issue, I want to keep this thread as close to the S18 as possible. 2. I've been testing the handle function and its safety for the past 2 weeks in various situations and havent had an issue, so I find the handle probability very unlikely. lifted before riding lifted after riding lifting and pushing it back down and while riding etc With all that being said, please ride under the same conditions but please wear safety gear and avoid traffic to test the wheel and please let me know if it occurs. Please inform your seller as well, I assume @Jason McNeil from eWheels.
  13. This is a more detailed info of firmware updates. S18 2.04: The torque has been increased in both acceleration and deceleration. Lift Sensor adjustment: The wheel no longer engages into lift mode when you move the handle past the lift mode. This means that if your pushing or pulling the handle the wheel no longer just drops. Lift handle position keeps the motor engaged but does not permit rider to ride as it falls forward or backward at 1-2km/h. This also means that when you keep the wheel in lift handle position the wheel will still stay up right and when the wheel slowly turn its still SAFE to put the wheel down to the ground. 205 1. Refined S18 ride; faster torque, reduced noise, reduced shaking. 2. Optimized Charging Management Mechanism 3. Adjusted Lift switch, it's no longer possible to ride during lift switch mode however maintains enough power to keep the wheel upright.
  14. I suggest watching this video:
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