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  1. You can use the back of a screw driver to hammer it back into place to keep it flush.
  2. From my experience 1. If you accelerate hard it'll tilt back before you reach cut out point. If slowly climb up to to 50km/h it wont be an issue. 2. You may experience some small SMALL angle tilt before 50 but nothing significant that would prevent you from going to 50km/h if you have your mind set to it. Remember you can turn off alarm 1 and 2 by setting them to 0.
  3. You dont need that exact MP3 file, any MP3 file would work.
  4. Eve I understand your frustration and though it may feel like King Song is not on it, we are. I've been keeping tabs on the forum (though not engaging with it) to see what issues customers may be having, whether that may be a one off or an issues that affected more users.
  5. Purposeful design with handle. Originally when it hit the lift handle position the wheel would just fall over and due to the design made it hard to grab. Look at early reviews of influencers on this subject.
  6. I have not been notified of otherwise. I've tested Chinese units here at King Song and they perform the same. If you had a different experience it was probably due to an old firmware on an older wheel. None of the new wheels or latest firmwares have that 200km requirement.
  7. I can speak for other wheels but as users here understand S18 is a complex wheel with many parts interacting with one another. Our current solution is placing a shim on top of the axel.
  8. That's not accurate, please have a look at the document I made here: https://imgur.com/a/XFNp2Xa 10km will allow full speed to be unlocked, otherwise you can ride at 33km/h (you have to set it in app)
  9. Sorry you are experiencing this, a quick fix currently is to place a shim on top of the axel on the side that the wheel is leaning towards, so on the right in the case of this wheel.
  10. Locking your wheel anyway jk ofcourse If you are speaking of the suspension spacers, changing from spring spacers to normal ones. The video has already been made, however it needs upper level management for it to be approved.
  11. Peter please send me a direct email: jack@szkingsong.com You may also be interested in joining the Toronto EUC group https://www.facebook.com/groups/gtaeuc
  12. any metal shim is fine. If you dont like soda then they offer juice in cans too
  13. The point being is that you have to add shims to above the axel. Coke cans are easily accessible
  14. @Peters please send me a direct email: jack@szkingsong.com I think there could be two issues 1. Locked wheel as it's a Chinese wheel not meant for international use 2. Motherboard could be damaged. Though I'm not able to 100% confirm at this time. Look forward to hearing from you.
  15. That's simply a normal motor sound, magnets and adjustments we made in our firmware that affects torque correlates to how this will sound.
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