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  1. I replied to ray and you got ticked off that I even quoted you then you replied with aggressiveness. Dont try to hinder what you've done, take responsibility at the very least. Just because my opinion suggest individuals not to buy it doesn't make it negative. In fact it could be taken as a positive for the dangers this charger could bring. Depends on how you see it, clearly you only see it one way since you're so narrow minded. Not sure what's happened in your personal life that makes you take other poeples suggestion of not buying that charger makes you so upset, I hope you grow up to learn that people can disagree with you. People like you hide behind their computers and take it personal when one disagrees. Even the manufacturer agrees in her response. I'm reminded by you how negative this forum can be and why I paid no interest to it in the recent years.
  2. I appreciate your more polite response. To be fair, I want to charge faster too. I'm just not sure I want to be the person testing the qualities of these chargers, and sure i could message Gotway but I'm satisfied with charging at 3amps or 4amps right now. I know the batteries itself can handle it, however I'm not sure people with perhaps older models, or even ACM gotway batteries and have now upgraded to batteryless msx are able to handle those amps.
  3. not sure what went up ur ass or youre just extremely passionate about chargers. im also just sharing my opinion. It's just a precautionary warning, i'm not sure my one post counts as "repeatedly". If you aren't sure why are quoted you why are you responding? 1. Yeh and I'm not trying to be the first dozen to try. 2. I know its up to me, i'm sharing my opinion on why distributors and some users may not want to use a charger that hasnt be fully tested in the market. 3. With all due respect, I dont know who you are. Though I understand 18650 can take those higher amperages i'm not sure the batteries can, but who's to trust what you say in the other aspects? Again we're all just sharing opinions, you share yours, I share mine. Don't be an asshole. 4. COOL One more thing to consider is the quality of the charger aswell. Good luck with your testing and hopefully everything is just as you've calculated. @ray rokni It's definietly best to do your own research and come up with your own conclusion, and I've decided and shared mine.
  4. @ray rokni my point being: 1. unless many people have used these chargers, I'm not about to be the first and risk being hurt. 2.If Point 1 isnt satified and none of the Gotway reps hasn't told us it's safe to do so why take the risk
  5. How do we know if the KS wheels and Gotway wheels are safe to cahrge at such high amperage espicially at 100v. IF YOU OWN A STORE, DO NOT BUY YET UNTIL PROPER TESTING OR MANUFACTURERS CAN CONFIRM THIS IS SAFE. YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR CUSTOMERS AT RISK.
  6. I posted in our FB group of a local newbie, he wants to get into wheels. he was looking at v10 but perhaps he may be interested in a v8, might be worth messaging him.
  7. To me the limit of the hardware is face planting the rider... so why don’t these manufacturers make a calculation the motor is stressed by the weight(also factoring battery level) and to not prevent a wheel from getting close to face plant speed. by the sounds of what ur saying I didn’t push my e+ hard enough for cut out and that was probably because of the aggressive tilt back then.
  8. I differentiate cut out to be: wheel tells you "NO MORE" with it's continuous beeps and you continue to push it. Overlean is you pushing the wheel with sudden acceleration that cant allow the motor and motherboard to react fast enough and you either fall from losing balance because the wheel cant accelerate fast enough or the wheel doesn't rotate forwards. I haven't experienced cutting out on my E+ and off memory I pushed my E+ hard, I know I was able to find cut out speed by lifting the wheel off the ground but I ride it to it's cut out speed. I don't think you understood my questions. Obviously a wheel has to rotate, but why not maintain the wheels speed at 34km/h when cut out is at 36 km/h. Shouldn't the firmware be protecting the hardware from pushing itself further?
  9. So back in the day most everyone of us rode the Ninebot One E+. No matter how hard I pushed the device at it's top speed despite the tilt back I was never able to get it to cut out. I did however manage to overlean the device by accelerating too hard. Was it my lack of skill back then to push my E+ beyond the max speed or is it that modern wheels don't have the same protection for riders to not reach cut out speed? Why can't the wheel just not permit the rider to go beyond a certain speed?
  10. I asked the same question on reddit, but I'm interested to see what the forum people have to say. I know @Marty Backe wants tilting headlights, I would like to see suspension. So far some responses have been: -Waterproofing (I guess better since it's currently pretty splash proof, but mostly without official ratings) -Lighter wheels -Easier ways to change tires -No cut offs -Open source EUC controllers
  11. Good luck Phong! You can also try the NYC PEV marketplace, theres more EUCs in NY hopefully one of them are willing to ship.
  12. I like that Ironwheel is updating us on their wheel but there seems to be no release on when it's expected to launch? I personally don't like the design but enjoy that it's pushing boundaries. The tire just seems too small for it to be aesthetically appealing. I remember a Rockwheel reseller trying to sell me on one however without enough riders tested it, I wasn't about to be the crash test dummy myself.
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