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  1. As far as i know no one has any of these wheels (used for sale) however there are retailers I can help guide you to, check your inbox!
  2. Hey there! Text me or call me 6137098008
  3. that definitely isnt true. the chargers output should be 84v, i used my friends charger and it worked fine (also from ewheels). nothing wrong with my batteries.
  4. My friend and I opened it up but my chargers layout is a tad different. And didnt find anything that had burned. (besides some heat wear and tear)
  5. Has anyone had issues with the ewheels fast charger. My charger stopped working today, its stuck at 74.6volts and wont go any higher, anyone else had issues with it? @Marty Backemade a video on it here:
  6. hows the braking on dualtron? I really dont like those brakes as i've had them on a scooter and they just take wayy too much force to brake
  7. sorry for the slow reply, they are just called EL-wire you can power it by two double a or usb or car output
  8. sorry didnt have a chance to come back on the forum, been busy. They're called EL-WIRE and work really great because you can bend and fold or even crash ur wheel and its still fine
  9. @Marty Backe could you help move this to the Gotway sub? thanks
  10. Okay let’s face it... for us hard core riders out there it’s been a fight between the MSX and the Z10 though personally I think it’s a superior wheel even without the detailed experience of the z10 I’ve had to make quite a few customizations to my wheel. share what you’ve done and perhaps it would inspire me and others! Here’s a list of things I’ve done: 1. Put ACM padding on my MSX 2.lowered pedal angles 3.outdoor hiking light mounted by Velcro 4.el wire(three strips u see in the pic) to be visible from the side 5. Mud guard 6. Slime into inner tube 7.put more grip tape as the ones on the pedal were wearing out.
  11. The Ultimate Z10 test is here! All the test you can think of: Speed test, trail test, curb test, uphill & downhill test, handle and speaker demonstration! Full video here: @Marty Backewhy does the forum hate me
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