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  1. sorry missed your message. I want to ship to a user that has more reputation, sorry.
  2. I think so, theres a lot of info on the nikola plus but i feel there is less on the 84v.
  3. If you know why don't you just tell me? I gathered my info from ewheels.
  4. Since my MSX is broken I've already gone ahead and ordered a Nikola. One thing that worries is me I knew that I could ride my MSX and it wouldnt cut out. It stated the speed is 58kph(35mph), however I believe the cut speed is more or am I mistaken? And the cut speed for Nikola is only 49kmh (31mph)? I've been able to obtain speeds of 51km/h on my msx before but thats only a couple of times, i;m more just worried about accidentally reaching that speeded.
  5. Our group is full of eskaters and onewheel riders. Best way to test out machines and meet people is to come out. We all ride for entartainment and also for practical. You feel comfortable because you've been riding an inmotion v8 which is in my books a complete commuter vehicle.
  6. nooo, nothing is more superior than EUC. EUC>Onewheel >ESK8 Feel free to join us for a ride: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gtaeuc/
  7. I'm parting out my MSX. Selling whatever I can get for it. Shipping is possible but only confimed Paypal addresses. Parts: MSX Pedals (left and right) 80usd Motherboard (early batch) 100usd Motherboard (latest Aug 8 2019) 150usd Inner casings (both sides, has some damage, request pics) 60usd Outer Side Panels (both sides, 60 usd) Handle (40usd, bars and the handle itself) MSX motor Wheel (includes non working motor, pedal arms, axel)- 50usd. (the motor might be able to be fixed, no promises) Brand New BMS 84v. (You can extend the range of your battery, theres a few riders who have 84v that have beyond 1600wh in battery by adding it into the empty space) Sold: Wiring/Lighting for all 30usd Thank you PS: Prices are negotiable, within reason.
  8. no longer looking. decided to part out my msx
  9. weak connection, threw sparks when wheel got turned on
  10. Does anyone have a working msx motor they want to sell? thank you
  11. Figured it out. Flux issue with motor cable. Motor is now broken have to get a new wheel
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