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  1. you probably arent doing the trails we're doing in Toronto. We're like climbing mountain bike trails where its steep as hell. I had to carry the mten because it just wasnt possible. When you come to Toronto @Declan acoustic-unicyclistwe can do a mten3 offroad race haha
  2. In our Toronto group we tend to avoid the bike smooth paved trails where its crowded with people and bikers that go extremely fast. We call them "tour de france", some of them heckle us and some other pedastrians will also say negative things. One thing that was brought up in our conversation today during our group ride was that we were being treated like we were bicycles, because we were using an "exercise path" we had to exercise. I'm tempted to tell them to try and hop on to see if they can instantly get it, I understand it's minimal amounts of work but its muscles most people aren't use to using. On top of the fact, we see ourselves more like a motorcycle club, no one ever shouts at a vehicle driver saying "lazy fucker". Negativity comes a lot from what people don't understand, and freedom of speech and NA privilege and culture have made these people feel right to always voice their opinions at someone when I haven't affected them in anyway. No one gives a shit when you ride this in Asia, they may look but no one ever shouts negative things. I've had people intentionally block my path here in Toronto, I've had two people try to fake kick me off. Numerous times of heckling of sorts like: lazy! get off the road! (LIKE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HOW FAST I CAN GO!), fatass! At the end of the day, ride on and enjoy what it is that you love doing.
  3. From what my friend told me today it could be shorted due to people having the chargers plugged straight into the wall and unplugging it without a fuse between(such as an extension cord).
  4. Ewheels has a 4amp charger. @Jason McNeil overnighted to me and I recieved in less than 24 hours. Charger at lower amp whenever possible. I don't think the BMS cables are able to handle much more amperage than 4. I could be wrong. @Marty Backe what do you think? It is possible I've heard the Russians have been charging at more but I'm not about to take the risk of destroying a wheel thats this expensive. PS: It's Nikola not Nicola
  5. I suggest moving the motor cables back to see if the motor cables has any damage. everything else seems connected...
  6. As @Lutalo had told me apparently you do a lot of offroading. I tried an extremely hard trail the other day with the mten and i think the bigger pedals would have helped for sure. I'm not so sure about those metal hooks.
  7. is there not a 100v setting yet? please update as the community desperately needs this.
  8. so basically the sound plays in the background but you wont hear it after "x" seconds then by the time "x" seconds is passed and the annoying tune is already played you can start playing your music?
  9. so thus....it doesnt really solve the issue. Delay is just postponing it. If I turn the wheel one: I dont want to countdown to when my wheel is going to blast everyones ear off I want to control WHEN I WANT to use my bluetooth speakers
  10. wait... so when you turn on the wheel the bluetooth sound wont come on until you've played music through the speaker bluetooth module? sorry maybe im not understanding correctly...
  11. lol so many options and technical terms im getting confused now... Another option that is yet to be discussed is to switch out the bluetooth module completey, wire a stepdown module and attach a bluetooth module without annoying start up sounds. Does that work? I don't like the relay idea as it only postpones the sound that will eventually come. I much prefer the on/off switch as long as theres a way to wire it without letting water in.
  12. the thing is... i dont want everyone staring at me when i turn the wheel on when im at the restaurant perhaps doing deliveries...
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