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  1. I wanted to inform everyone that I have official left my position at King Song as of end of September. I do not represent KS anymore. It's been a wild journey full of ups and downs, and I've learned a load in the past year or so that I've been here. I'll still be in this community just not as a KS rep, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message through the official channels such as email and FB.
  2. The ride was good. I havent pushed the limits yet, but I assume next week I'll be doing that. It's 90% most likely going to be DNM.
  3. Regardless of what tire we are using, we are updating the RIM width so that it matches with more tires on the market. Meaning: wider tire= better traction =better offroading Also it wont look as weird to have a skinny tire on the S20
  4. We thought about that since, otherwise it would adapting the S20 to allow for 12A.
  5. Heres a pic of a charger we have been testing. Not 100% finalized charger.
  6. As you may have heard there are some rumours being spread. When a private chat is screenshotted and taken out of context it becomes a very dangerous situation. I'm here to help clarify a few things that have been spreading. 1. The King S20 Eagle is still 126V. There were NEVER any plans of making this 100v. 2. The second rumour is that Kuji is going to get the S20 Eagle for review this week, this is also not true. I do not intend on using my good friend Kuji as a test dummy. When we are at that stage we will confidently send Kuji an S20 for video collaboration. We will however be
  7. S20 Eagle Tire Options! PICTURE OF TIRE IN COMMENTS! Help us design your ideal S20! K272 is the thinnest tire of the three. H666 was considered however that tire is unobtainable from the manufacturer, that tire is made for export only meaning we are not able to purchase it even though our products are mostly all exported.
  8. I found 1000lbs's dampening quite good to be honest, once you land it sits completely still
  9. I agree to be honest with everyones point and really its all about finding balance. As you know if you've been in the EUC community or worked for any of these companies, these companies including ourselves sometimes have the difficult position of launching a product because we are 4-5 companies fighting for the clients in the same client base. This results in as you saw last year rushing to release the S18 because Inmotion V11 was launched, and we were scared it would impact our sales. I was hired last minute and was simply just told few days prior to organize a launch for the S18. Every
  10. I understand you're view but at the same time if we didn't open it up for pre-orders we would be bombarded by the amount of messages. We do not owe you an apology since we are not forcing you to pay for an S20 just based off the render, that is purely your choice. I agree though, some riders even myself if I was shelling out my own money would wait for an actual product until putting down the pre-order but too many riders are too eager!
  11. For example I'm a 86-89kg rider, depends if I had my dose of fried chicken that day. But I would be opting for 1000lbs. We had riders who were 70kg and they felt the 750lbs was better. I would say give it a shot first before upgrading.
  12. yes sorry, DNM RCP-2S. We previously looked at KKE BA-27RC
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