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  1. I have a question about the v3 as i have been eyeing one up now for a while now but I am also open to suggestions about other wheels too that anyone could recommend but i live in manchester so rain is pretty much a daily occurrence so i am curious to how it deals with water as i pretty much need it to be water tight with how much it rains, I have been alright so far on my ips 191 but i know the water has got in more than I would like and had to remove some of the leds because of corrosion so if anyone has has a v3 open or knows how it handles the wet and the dirt it would be a great help thanks in advance
  2. Very informitive Keith enjoyed reading it i wasn't able the find the original source and found your post very informative i had so pulled my post as not to misinform i can only guess I have mixed more than one of my researched materials as i did it from memory and appreciate the correction
  3. My Xima lhotz has finally needed a minor repair after one of the balance leads came off having done 2700 miles it's the first time I've needed to do anything other than open it to clean it and check all the wiring and the cells still have good life in them but only have another year in them i reckon but in good health other than that so it would depend on the wheel though as not all wheels are equal i guess
  4. Thank you Slaughthammer appreciate the extra info, I've been doing a lot of reading into the batteries but its just these small details like the internal resistance that I have little to no knowledge about, as the application in electric unicycles seems pretty unique in terms of the voltages used and the currents they draw that I only seem to leave learning material with a small additional piece of information I didn't know before that I can use. I think I may try the build using these cells as some good cheap practice and invest in the new cells once I have completed it and am happy with the result as as cost wise, I priced up the same cells and I'm looking at a £75-£85 investment plus then the cost of wires and connectors, I already have solder tabs for balance leads but I will need to have the cell's tagged before I buy them as I don't have a spot welder and don't want to risk damaging the cells but I will certainly take the info you guys have provided and will update you with my progress. I will be ordering the balance leads over the next few days and I will disassemble the old battery pack while restoring my current ips one too peak condition again in the meantime
  5. Thank you both for your replies it helps to know from a safety aspect that mixing the batteries then is not critical but from a chemistry and performance view although it would add some range i would be looking at overall diminished efficiency and possibly reduced longevity of the cells by them charging and discharging each other i assume though that as long as the packs were of equal charge when connected that any voltage differences that cause a charging would be safe during the discharge but long term it's definitely worth investing in the better cells too keep the high efficency and maximise the range performance
  6. I found your topic here on batteries extremely helpful as I have been doing some battery maintenance as one of my balance leads has been looking worst for wear and now while the battery pack is apart I was looking at upgrading it as I need to get more range out of it due to my long commute to work everyday which is about 8 miles each way, I currently own a 340wh Xima Lhotz and have been looking at the post by Slaughthammer and hoping to be able to replicate his upgrade myself. I do still have my old battery packs which one is still in very good shape and charge in the pack is still healthy however the cells are not the same make or model to the ones I currently have as the Xima cells are Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mAh - 10A and the other pack is made up of Samsung ICR-18650-22P Li-Ion 3.7V 2150mAh Would this matter if I wanted to use these to extend my range or would you suggest I get matching cells to make it the additional battery before attempting to commit to the upgrade as I'm technically minded and can definitely build the pack but the small details about the cell differences I'm still learning. Thank you in advance Posted the upgrade I'm looking at attempting for reference.
  7. Hey Xima, I've been looking at doing this myself as i have a similar 132wh pack around and I'm disappointed to think I can't as I really want that extra power as i ride mine for an hour to work every day which is great on the way to work but its slightly downhill nearly all the way so I arrive with around 85% the way home takes me to 20-30% battery and once i pass below 50% I always slow down for safety as I'm sure most of us do so I would be very interested if any of you have any ideas on this one or even better have accomplished this and are willing to share how they did it. I love to tinker but as this is my pride and joy and voiding the warranty without achieving something for it thank you for starting the thread as I was looking to start one myself on the subject.
  8. Hey guy good to see more people in the area, sorry i haven't been on for a while, but couple of weeks ago i bumped into another unicyclist in North Reddish/Gorton and I don't normally ride that way but it was great to see having never seen another person on one before too and work permitting would love to meet up
  9. @HEC Oh those delightful individuals were in ashton under lyne when i was coming back from the ikea there be lucky if they have the iq of a glass of water between them
  10. Hey guys i too get the usual questions and had my share of rude reponses while riding my ips 191 xima lhotz but one of most recent was a group of chavs acting rowdy 2 guys 3 girls with one guy trying to damage a flag of a bus stop with the guy doing it stopping and trying to give me the 10k yard stare when i got closer one of the girls shout go take it off him and we'll sell it to which i just laughed seeing as i was travelling around 15mph at the time one of the girls just stared at the wheel confused but one of the lads obviously had abit more sense and just said 'good luck hes smoking' knowing i was travelling too fast for them to even try but i havent ever seen another euc rider i'm not sure how others here in manchester are received but i regularly seem to draw far too much attention it seems
  11. Hello thought i'd chime in having had 3 engine cutoffs on my old zipwheel twice due to bms i think and the third was due to a wire on the switch when the crimp slipped off as bumped down a kerb luckily for me i was able to hop of the wheel and hit the ground running on all three i would personally say there isnt a way to practice as each time it happened i was unprepared for it but i think the only thing that really helped was forward planning and positioning yourself in such a way to minimise the risk to yourself, others, property and of course your wheel i think the most important thing is being stood straight when it happens, accelerate with your feet and try not to use leaning as you driving force as its more likely to faceplant if it cuts out because you would have a poor center of gravity i find when it cuts out you feel the instant change at your feet and seems like reflex to hop off it but with the momentum the wheel has it does tend to continue at speed so be prepared to run after it before it cause someone or something damage i know this isnt much but i hope this can be of some use to you
  12. I too recently picked up a Lhotz wheel and i've been trying it out around Manchester in the uk and i'm loving it speed is already unlocked but i wimp out at 21kph i think i'd need something runway smooth to chance it as i don't have any personal protection equipment yet but agreed its an awesome wheel
  13. Hey guys noticed this topic and was surprised to hear there are more people in manchester with euc i've been doing it for over a year, in and around piccadilly gardens and never seen another person and i work as a bus driver in the city center so i'm there alot would be awesome to see more people on them maybe i'll see you guys around soon xD
  14. at least its one down though thats why i intend to upgrade soon but for the time been i think i will repair this pack with the new BMS have already ordered some xt60 parallel and t-plug parallel to hook the two packs up so i have a 16s2p to further reduce my risk of faceplants.
  15. Thank you very much everyone you have all been brilliant i may look at getting the BMS with the 80amp cut off save myself from any faceplanting but you have all helped me a great deal and should this happen again i know which ones to look for i'm hoping to get a bigger and better one soon as the small motor in my zipwheel and my 75kg 80kg weight is becoming abit of a problem i think as it does seem to strain abit with me on it and i have had unexpected cutoffs before on it which made me lose confidence with this wheel but i'd rather use this one with extra caution then be without one now so as soon as my New BMS i will fix the old pack and hook them together for extra safety maybe look at a gotway mcm3 or the Xima Lhotz for possible choices.
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