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  1. Oh, I see. Cool - but no bluetooth app... If you consider to get one, bear in mind, that the plastic casing is not the strongest. Especially the lower screwed connections of the two body sides easily breaks.
  2. Hi,I had the same issue with my ZERO. I can home after a rainy ride and it wouldn't shut down. So I took out the power button - and yes, the BEEP is oud - and placed it two hours in the oven at 50°C - reinstalled and it worked. Let's see what happen next time in the rain. Does anybody know a good and water proof replacement for the switch? It is a round ~16mm switch.
  3. Unfortuntely it has no BT. The last picture shows the LED electronic. You can change the blink frequency whith the buttons.
  4. Hi Oliver, I have an e-run which looks exactly as the himway classics. The e-run was my first unicycle, and therefore I had to apply a lot of JBWeld I've attached some pictures from some month ago. Hope it helps.
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  7. I cross my fingers for you. I've arranged with IPS factory to get a new control board, but have to pay 150 USD . I hope to get it soon and riding my Zero again.
  8. You could try it with tyre sealant. I had a flat tyre on my e-run E14 and it worked. I used some liquid from the tyre repair set from my car.
  9. That's the vendor I will never buy anything from: Electric Unicycle Online Shop Email: sales@shopelectricunicycle.com Web: shopelectricunicycle.com
  10. UPDATE: IPS factory (now the real factory iamips.com) replied to my mail: " Hello, Stefan Blendinger I'm sorry to hear below that your issue was not properly handled by our reseller, now you come to official IPS company and also we sell it to international buyers. We have to be clear with you that we can help solve your issue but we're not responsible for it because it is not directly sold by us, people who sold it should be responsible for it. So to get this issue solved, we can sell to you a control board, you can install it yourself, we can send you video and description how to take apart the unicycle and how to install it, but if you find it hard to handle, we can recommend a fix center in Germany who can fix issues for such items. So let us know your option, thanks for understanding. Best regards" Sounds good! I answered him that I would like to get an exchange control board. Let's see...
  11. I've received Paypals decision on the case: as it the EUC was OK when I received it, they can't do anything... the guarantee is whith the vendor. Damn.
  12. Thank you all for your feedback! @Keith you've made a point... I'd love to have new soldering equipment! So for now I will go an riding my e-run e14 (14'', 175 Wh) and hope for the best. I've found on their website this: " All we offer covering manufacturer guarantee so you don’t need to worried about our after sales services, we offer full warranty like control board warranty one Year,battery six Months. "
  13. Here the reply from the seller on paypal... 23.04.2016 16:53 MESZ - Verkäufer: the title goods didn't the same as description is absolutely !the buyer received the goods for more than 40days UPS trucking number 1Z4A185V6847149239and complaint the goods didn't the same as description is ridiculous ! 23.04.2016 16:35 MESZ - Verkäufer: you rode more than one month and want a replacement are you crazy ? I don't know what to say... Now I 've applied for buyer protection and handed over to paypal.
  14. I've filed the claim at Paypal. Let's see if it will speed up things.
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