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  1. Självbalanserade elfordon utan tramp (exv segway och EUC) som går max 20 kmh klassas som cykel. Kingsongs hjul går doch något fortare än 20 kmh... Möjligen om man låter bli att skruva upp hastigheten från fabriksinställningen som är 20 kmh (tror jag)
  2. For example Kingsong 16S got a max speed of 20 kmh out of the factory, right? Then it should be perfectly legal for as long as you don't use the app to unlock a higher speed. I think. I would just tell the officer that the wheel is 20 kmh out of the factory. Which is the truth.
  3. I connect my phone to the bluetooth speaker. I added a shortcut to a widget so by pressing the fingerprint button on the back of my phone I can instantly make the euc speaker give the sound of a bicycle bell ? Or any other sound of my choosing. Once I accidentally turned on the sound of a police sirene (on highest sound) making some unexpecting cyclists look quite shocked! ?
  4. This is a quote from the Swedish Transport Agency (transporstyrelsen) website: "Dessa självbalanserande fordon är i lagens mening att betrakta som cykel utan tramp eller vevanordning och ska vara utrustat med broms. Som klassificerad cykel ska en hoverboard eller airwheel vara utrustad med ringklocka – eller annan ljudanordning som kan varna. Varningssignalen behöver inte vara monterad på brädan, den kan hållas i handen. De ska också vara utrustade med reflex och lyse med fast sken fram och bak vid färd i mörker. Maxhastighet är 20 kilometer i timmen och fordonen ska köras på gång- och cykelbanor. Barn under 15 år som åker hoverboard eller airwheel ska använda hjälm." What the Swedish Transport Agency is saying is that an electric self balancing personal transport vehicle - for example a one wheeled unicycle such as the airwheel - is legally a bicycle as long as the operational speed is limited to 20 kmh. The wheel need to be equpipped with lights in the front and rear, and you need to have some kind of a warning system (such as the bikes ringing bell). The warning bell can be carried in the hand. So the electric unicycle is already regulated in sweden and is perfectly legal given that you follow the bicycle rules. I would personally prefer if the speed limit could be increased to 25 kmh to at least match the allowed speed for electric bicyces. But on the positive side the electric unicycle is at least not banned in Sweden, but legal with restrictions.
  5. I'm 36. Been commuting on a wheel for three years now (wearing costume, shirt, tie and all) ?
  6. Going maximum 20 kmh with an electric unicycle is perfectly legal in Sweden. It's considered a bicycle (class 3). Going faster and you are no longer riding a bicycle. You are riding some kind of unregistered vehicle not allowed on public roads. You might get fined for unlawful driving (olovlig körning).
  7. @Jason McNeil what happened to your european shop at wheelgo.com? I don't see many wheels there to buy? No kingsong16s?
  8. Fortunately in Sweden segways and other self-balancing stand-up wheels with a top speed of 20 kmh are legally considered bikes and therefore (although not recommended) not illegal to drive in combination with alcohol. "Styrfylla" (drunk-biking) is not illegal per se in Sweden. However it could be considered "vårdslöshet i trafik" (reckless behavior in traffic).
  9. I've got the standard V3 model but with help from @1RadWerkstatt I now have a 258wh batterypack. @Jason McNeil could this maybe somehow make it possible for me to upgrade the speed to 20kmh?
  10. I just want to give @1RadWerkstattalot of thanks for a job well done on upgrading my Inmotion V3 battery! The battery and performance of the wheel now works excellent! +Professional staff, super fast answers on e-mail, quick delivery, just great service!
  11. @V1ct0r how do I downgrade the firmware so that I can use the crack?
  12. I agree, break light should be a minimum requirement for any wheel imo
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