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  1. Hmm now I have changed tyre. I have noticed that it's actually not the tire but the wheel itself that, the rim, that doesn't spin in a perfect circle... might I need to weight balance ?
  2. Thanks man! I actually feel like I have fixed most of the issue, but should it really be that hard to make the tyre perfectly round? I need to try more tomorrow, it's better but it's not perfect yet.
  3. Trying to find information about this issue and I stumble upon posts about "weight balancing" your wheel with small weights to counter both side to side wobbling and up and down wobbling. Is this a good thing to do?
  4. My inmotion V8 got this up and down "pumping" feeling when I'm riding, almost like I'm riding on small bumps, and I have noticed that the wheel seems to have an uneven spinning. Not like it's wobbling side to side, but rather up and down. Any idea what might be the cause to this, and what can be done about it? I tried changing the tire pressure but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. 😓
  5. Hur frakta EUC frÄn Lettland till Sverige? Jag försöker köpa en inmotion V8 frÄn en privatperson i Lettland, men det verkar inte vara jÀtteenkelt att hitta ett lÀmpligt transportföretag som tar paketet frÄn Lettland till Sverige till ett rimligt pris (iallafall under 1000 sek). NÄgon som har nÄgot tips?
  6. JonTheMad

    G3/V8 Upgrade

    @Liamfind will hopefully give us more updates on the upgraded V8 wheel soon
  7. I am excited! "Updated V8" coming, I can't wait for more updates about this 😼
  8. Two wheels bs 😖 how disappointing
  9. This is a very disturbing development indeed and most is based out of ignorance. Very sad. As of this very moment euc is not banned in sweden but it got this 20 kmh restriction just like in denmark. As far as I know the authorities are not targeting euc riders (yet) but the bad publicity the escooter rentals issue has been having for the last few weeks might for sure make matters worse for euc riders as well... Still, if someone would have his wheel seized by the authorities it would be very interesting to see how the ruling would be in a court of law if the defendant claims that the speed has been limited to 20 kmh through the app and the authorities fail to prove differently. After all the fate of the Segway got decided in a court if law back in 2009 when a rider got charged for riding drunk, he claimed the segway was equal to a bike and got right. He did not get convicted for driving drunk. 2010 the legislation cought up and confirmed that the Segway and other self balancing vehicles going max 20 kmh are to be considered equal to bikes. If you got a euc that does 40 kmh but you can prove that you have limited the speed to 20 kmh, how would the ruling be after a trial in a court of law? I am very interested to know but probably the best would be if the authorities didn't target euc drivers at all... but it will happen sooner or later.
  10. @Henrik Olsen so the euc is only permitted if it is not constructed for a higher speed than 20 kmh? You said they don't have to clock your speed, they just have to look at the specs and if the specs is higher than 20 kmh = they take the wheel? If this is the case, wouldn't it help if you could claim that your wheel is set on the fabric speed and that you haven't downloaded the necessary app or apk file to unlock a higher speed than the legal 20 kmh? I mean you can trim a moped as well to illegal speeds, but as long as you don't do that you are still driving a legal vehicle, right? Just a thought.
  11. V10f looks like a great wheel but isn't it quite alot heavier than the 16s? Or is it not much of a difference?
  12. Thanks for your reply! I haven't considered mcm5 before so I'm going to see what information I can find out about out! In terms of range I believe slightly less than 16s will still suffice for my needs
  13. In terms of specs, weight and quality of build are there any good alternatives to the kingsong ks 16s? The 16s has after all been on the market now for quite a while. Is there really nothing new that has arrived or that is going to arrive in the near future? Or is the 16s still the king of the not too big sized wheels? The 16x looks nice but sooo heavy...
  14. SjÀlvbalanserade elfordon utan tramp (exv segway och EUC) som gÄr max 20 kmh klassas som cykel. Kingsongs hjul gÄr doch nÄgot fortare Àn 20 kmh... Möjligen om man lÄter bli att skruva upp hastigheten frÄn fabriksinstÀllningen som Àr 20 kmh (tror jag)
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