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  1. Just bought a (new looking)used x8 one off eBay for $350. Little discouraged of the low top speed but we'll see. The ips's 16 inch wheel are pretty cool and are being auction off used for around $250 every 3 days eBay.
  2. I actually prefer this over the smooth unicycle tire. The only downfall is road noise when on certain type of sidewalk. I have put about 20-30 miles on this tire and still looks new. How long did your tire last? I have an Hx for the street otherwise.
  3. Started as a stock airwheel x3. So far I mounted a kids bmx tire (14x2.125) and cut some fenders. Any pro tips on making this cheap model more dirt worthy without breaking the bank? Link to today's dirt testing of the wheel.
  4. Live in Hillcrest area (downtown SD) and unicycle all over the place. Any groups in SD??
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