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  1. I just had my longest trip so far with KS16, approximately 42 - 43km. After the trip there was still ~57 Volts in batteries. I quess I could squeeze 60km out of the 840wh battery pack with my 70kg body. I tried to ride as conservative as I could and it took me about 2 hours. What a nice evening ride
  2. So what was your battery status after the trip?
  3. Täällä foorumilla näkyy olevan useampi suomalainen EUC-kuski. Kuinka monta meitä onkaan täällä Suomessa? Ei tuo EUC-suosio vielä ainakaan käsiin ole räjähtänyt lakimuutoksen jälkeen, mutta noita tasapainolautoja näkyy sillon tällön harvakseltaan. Missä sinä ajelet? Näkyykö siellä muita kuskeja? Olisiko tyhmä idea järkätä joskus joku EUC-miitti johonkin Suomen kaupunkiin? Itse olen 32-vuotias mies Lahdesta, ja oon aika varma, että olen ainoa ykspyöräskuski täällä. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. There is no popup, you have to give the permission from app setup. I have V1.2 but I thought the beta app works with all the versions.
  5. Just a little heads up regarding the beta-app itself; I couldn't get the KSV3.apk to work on my Android 6 because it didn't ask the permission to use the location and I couldn't give it to it. Now I just tried to download the app again from kingsong's page http://www.kingsong.com/Service.html and Lo and behold! It has been updated and now it indeed asks for location permissions! I can happily say that it now works fine for Android 6 (& Honor 6). edit: works, but it's still buggy - disconnects all the time etc.
  6. The max. recommended load on Schwalbe Mad Mike 16x2.125 is 55 kg. Do you think it has any affect on anything? is it safe? I can't imagine tire like that exploding from too much weight but the max. load figure has to come somewhere, right?
  7. Handle is quite rigid when pressed down, but in extended mode it has some play and it could bend and brake when moderate lateral force is used. The aluminium square tubes are just 0,5mm thick which I think is too thin..though I understand they wanted to keep things light. I'd say it'll work for pushing or pulling the wheel, but it'll be one of the first things to brake electronics aside.
  8. Sounds like it's stuck. It took maybe couple of seconds to download in my case.
  9. I don't want to expose innocent pedestrians to any more noise there already is. There's too many teenagers and others that blast shitty music out of their cellphones speakers or crappy BMWs. However if there isn't people around like when riding at night somewhere on silent roads, I might listen to some radio station through my wheels speakers.
  10. I took the plunge too and updated my 1.15 to 1.20. Works just fine. I rode 20+ km with the new firmware today.
  11. That's really bad news Makes me wonder if they ever changed their firmware testing protocols like they promised. I guess i'm stuck with v1.15. No problems with that though.
  12. Are they saying "wooOOoo, buy a KS16.. it's a great wheel... you won't regret it.. woOOoo". In that case, I don't think they can be turned off. You just have to discover a better wheel. Or do what they say.
  13. My weirdest encounter this far was probably a muslim woman with her kids (I'd say they are part of the recent refugee crisis). She shielded her kids in a hurry when I wheeled closer and past them. Maybe to shield her kids from evil western influences, dunno. Some said; "That must be impossible hard to drive". Some just look with gaping mouth and manage to say only "what..." Kids are the best: "MOM, MOM! DAD DAD! Look at that! that's so coooooooool!!" Most encounters with are just wide smiles. I'm still wodering if the smiles are like "you're crazy" or something more positive, b
  14. No usb port on KS16.
  15. I've got 840wh model with LG MJ1's. Is this considered premium cell model? And are there KS16 wheels without "premium" cells?
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