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  1. By the way. The mileage =4.400 km (2 years of use)
  2. I own one of the first K16 and also suffer from the same issue; broken axis. i don’t do extreme use. Just committing 90% but my weight is 90kgr. Great design mistake! thaks I have not suffered an accident due to this https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Wi5OMBifYLZ4-v9RvE-WACNa6uoQbOv9

    King song 16

    "Speed Limit Decoding" , Can any body help me with this?. In the app it is needed to write a "Code for autorization". How can I get this code??
  4. Sylvere, please try again. Sorry may inbox have been collapsed some days. Thank you.
  5. Still looking for a manual written in Spanish or English...
  6. Could anyone tell me how to change speed limits? Is it needed KingSong give any kind o code . Currently I can't move any of the three speed limits? Thank you. My app is IOS
  7. I downloaded de App from de Appstore and I does`t appear any actualization. ¿¿?? - Respect the ride modes: When you say soft , do you want to express that the answer of the wheel is slower than in other modes?
  8. Lets see if is it so easy: - lights . Any way to set them permanent , not depending on the sunlight level? - modes: play, ride, study ( I suppose it's misspelling " sturdy" ) mode. Differences between different modes. Which one suit better for what uses? - what's the effect of pressing successively when the wheel is on ( motor and gyroscope active) the main button. - Way of knowing the number of remaining kilometers depending on the battery level. Or the translation to % of battery? - total number of km. Since the beginning, not since the last time the wheel was switch
  9. Still looking for a manual written in Spanish or English...
  10. CSERNA

    King song 16

    Batteryuniversity.com Wow. Thanks Hunka it looks a tremendous site to lear about this field ; "batteries".
  11. CSERNA

    King song 16

    Looking for some advice respect the charge tactic of the battery. Mine shows now four green lights. Should I recharge it completely just now? or is it better to wait until it get a lower level.
  12. CSERNA

    King song 16

    The reported shrill whistle
  13. CSERNA

    King song 16

    Respect the Wheel. The rubber of the pads is not very resistant. They look to much damaged taking under consideration it have been 4 hour of use. Very stressful use , but just 4 hours. . . .
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