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  1. Thanks Rob. But too late now. Felt I had to warn others though as don't want anyone else to loose out.
  2. Do not buy anything from Dale Walker at Oz e wheel. Aka the wheel deal. On 15th December I ordered a KS16s as a Christmas present for WeeJ who is 12. As I had ordered WeeJs 14D from Dale without issue. I didn't have concerns about ordering a second wheel from him. (The 14D is out of action at the moment and I am struggling to get it repaired) Dale took payment for the 16S on 15th December. I was told the order had been placed and was on it's way. Dale Walker did not place the order with kingsong. I contacted KS directly and they have no record of any orders being placed. I don't want anyone else to have to loose out as a result of this scam.
  3. Thanks for your reply meep meep mayer
  4. Ks 14d is playing up. It is shuddering and vibrating when switched on or shortly after it is switched on. We live in Glasgow UK. I don't really want to take it apart to investigate when I don't know what I am doing. Any ideas of anywhere who could help us fix it? Thanks
  5. WeeJ


    a wee interview with Johnathan
  6. Thanks @Rehab1 nah it was just quiet, and I avoided filming in areas where there were customers, you know in case they weren't happy being on youtube! haven't been on the group in a while, though has been cold and wet here usually so not much riding! Please everyone send the sun to Scotland for a while. We had one nice sunny day on sat, back to rain again today!
  7. can't do a flash mob, but wee j has already been around B&Q on his. Apologies for poor quality as video was taken on my phone.
  8. WeeJ


    Great video @Demargon Wee J loves Circus too, though not quite mastered the juggling so well yet!
  9. Thinking of you Rehab - hope you are on the mend soon
  10. WeeJ


    Kylo Ren has become the good guy in Glasgow
  11. WeeJ

    I know him!

    Thanks @RooMiniPro, its more to do with being known in the local area than being popular on youtube, as he does only have 51 subscribers, though he plans to work on that, lol at some point. I think he would need to post videos pretty regularly to get a lot of subscribers.
  12. cant wait to see everyone's halloween pics and videos
  13. Any ideas where I could find a silhuette type image of someone on a electric unicycle, to make a wee logo to print on a t-shirt or hoodie? Thanks
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