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  1. Does anyone have any top foam packaging for a Gotway ACM that they are not using and or don't need anymore? Mine got thrown away inadvertently.
  2. You got that right Dale! There does seem to be some people trying to hold us back but not exactly sure why they would do such a thing. Oh btw rode my ACM16 for the first time last night. Yep it's fast!! As far as this thread goes the specs definitely hold up. Very happy my country hasn't outlawed ot restricted them in any way.
  3. Why would human powered vs non-human powered matter? Who said anything about a driver's license? Why do these only have to be used on public roads? (These are all rhetorical) You are making way too many assumptions. Why would you be upset with me because I don't believe in regulating speeds of unicycles? It should be up to the riders to ride safely. I'm glad that Gotway is making a fast sturdy product and I hope that they continue to make more, better and more safe unicycles.
  4. Very unfortunate that countries are already regulating speeds. I'm sure the United States will follow. Hopefully they will see the usefulness of these extremely effective transportation devices.
  5. EUC safety at speed is based off two things: 1. The ability of the wheel to be able to correct itself (from bumps or curbs or whatever). 2. Rider skill. Very simple if you don't feel safe going faster than 25km then don't. This community is on the verge of making huge advancements in the field of personal transportation and we need to see what they are capable of. One possible fix to this issue would be the ability to adjust the beeps to whatever level the rider feels comfortable. So far I have not had any issues or even know anyone personally in my euc group who has had a
  6. I wish it were that easy. Unfortunately I already checked that.
  7. I can't seem to get it installed. The install button doesn't do anything. Either version. Is there something I need to do with the source code before I can install the apk?
  8. Awesome work @mich that app was in need of some work. Is there a way that you could change the alarm speed settings?
  9. 30 km is a decent cruising speed but myself and I know many others want to go faster. 45km+ would allow us to to keep even with some of the faster bicycle riders. Having the ability to go fast and actually using that speed are totally separate things and I would like to see more wheels capable of higher speeds without cutout or tilt back issues. Having the ability to set alarms or even tilt backs for lower speed riders is always good for extra safety.
  10. Got any plans for any new rides? Would like to get in on the next one if it's around the bay area.
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