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  1. Hello cloudy_jai, is Wheellog working with Ninebot Z now? Could you post the link for the app once? Hello @cloudy_jai, is Wheellog working with Ninebot Z now? Could you post the link for the app once?
  2. yes, you are right, just in between, on the trail, you can not do the calibration so it would be with the app, as it is intended also more practical. But it looks like the app does not seem ready yet. Maybe this feature will be available in the future.
  3. Great thank you ! You were right, it worked! I put the Z10 on jam jars, measured it with a spirit level that it just stands, turned it on, and just turned it briefly and then stopped immediately. Then it flashed red. Then I pressed the button for 4 seconds and it was callibriert and then beeped once. Then I measured with a spirit level. So the calibration function in the app does not seem to work yet, also no roll angle and no tilt angle are displayed ! @Marty Backe if you want, you can also try to calibrate your Z10 with this method !
  4. Thanks for the info, then I'm not the only one who has stated that! It would be appropriate to integrate this into the app. My other wheels, I have all set with a tilt angle forward. Then my feet are just more relaxed. Now the angle of inclination is set so that the pedals are tilted a little backwards. This is not good for a downhill ride, because you have to lean back extremely to not get faster!
  5. Hello Wheelies, I want to calibrate my Ninebot Z 10 to a desired tilt angle. If I tilt the wheel forward while calibrating, it always calibrates back! Does anyone know a solution?
  6. hello wheelies, I have an extra battery installed in my Ks16 b. my battery gauge in the new kingson app app still shows 28 km remainder range display, in new kingsong app, or keep cycling for display, in old kingsong app. but it would have to be displayed twice the km. Can someone tell me if I can change something in the app so that the miles are displayed correctly?
  7. Thanks to @JumpMaster, for the brilliant app, also the horn function, with the ringtone, is very good to use ... My question is: Could be installed without much work in the Wheellog app a function with which the ringtone is selectable eg. As Mp3? Many thanks to all who worked on the Wheellog and Pebble App ...!
  8. Hello Wheelies My KS16 Shows after switching on 4 LEDs crosses and beeps continuously, and Serial number is no longer displayed in the app . Can anyone tell me what error message that is?
  9. Hi RenaissanceMan, I see You come from Hannover? Then you can write to me in German ... ! Thanks for your description, but for some reason I get no curve in the German version ... I changed Colonne of course in Spalte. Perhaps you send me times your KST directory with a log? You send me on: richi23atbossmail.de ... Do you also build batteries yourself? and what Charge Doctor V2 did you order? Many greetings from Hamburg Germany!
  10. Ninebot e+ battery 320 Wh, once with auto-cut occurs and once without auto-cut occurs...
  11. @hobby16, Now it is! I have the KST software once again from the homepage: Https://kst-plot.kde.org/, there is also a 64 bit version. However, I get it now only in English! Your description change Colonne (France) in spalte (German) , unfortunately did not work! In the log.txt all the letters have to be deleted, so that the curve is displayed... The Charge Doctor works as it should! A very good device and for this price, super development! Can I connect to the Charge Doctor V2 mixte also connected 2 chargers? Then I have removed the auto-cut occurs limit, but it has not become much more on my 320Wh from Ninebot e+
  12. Der Link zur KST Version von Hobby Gadget http://opelinjection.free.fr/chargedr/kstForCD.zip
  13. Hello, esaj, greetings to Finland, from Hamburg, Germany! Till present I have still logged no data with the USB Dongle! Has made friends me for the moment with the service of the load Doctors. My problem is at the moment which I do not get the data from the log file as a plot curve indicated. I wanted to try out to try the example log from the kstForCD.zip file. for example, log_FW-260WhEsa.txt. I have renamed that in log.txt. But the plot curve is not indicated in KST! Maybe you can help me there? If I graph.bat start this is always indicated me. Maybe a video with Youtube is able to do sometimes one high-level store! I get no plot curve indicated, how below!
  14. Hallo Chriull, klar habe ich die Anleitung gelesen. Vielleicht kannst Du Dir mal die kstForCD.zip Datei runterladen und es probieren. In der Datei sind Beispiel Logs die man sich im KST ansehen kann zB. vom Firewheel. Aus irgendeinem Grund bekomme ich es nicht hin, das der Plot angezeigt wird. Wenn ich die Graph.bat starte, die log_FW-260WhEsa.txt habe ich natürlich umbenannt und im Datenabtastbereich die Vectorauswahl hinzugefügt. bekomme nur folgendes angezeigt: Grüße aus Hamburg...
  15. Hi Leute, nun fahre ich schon einige Monate mit meinem Ninebot ONE e+ und habe auch schon einige Verbesserungen vorgenommen, zb. Gummibelag auf die Fußraster, den Magneten hinter dem Gummi gegenüber der Fußraste neu befestigt, da er sich durch die starke Magnetkraft immer wieder gelöst hat. Wer informationen dazu braucht, kann sich gerne melden Zur Zeit beschäftige ich mich mit dem Akku. Dafür habe ich mir von der Seite Hobby Gadget Factory, den Charge Doctor V2 – 10A für 33 Euro erworben. http://hobby16.neowp.fr/2016/02/06/charge-doctor-v2-10a-3/ Man kann mit dem Gerät die Spannung und den Strom des Akkus messen und sich die Kapazität anzeigen lassen, die Werte können in einer Logdatei gespeichert werden und in der Software KST als Kurve dagestellt werden. Außerdem kann man das Laden des Akkus früher abschalten lassen. Die Lebensdauer des Akkus verlängert sich erheblich, wenn er nicht bis 100 % geladen wird, sonder ca. auf 90%. Man kann alles bei Hobby Gadget nachlesen. Leider komme ich im Moment nicht weiter die Werte der Logdatei in der KST Software als Kurve dazustellen. Vielleicht hat sich schon einer damit beschäftigt und kann sich bei mir melden... So wie auf dem Bild soll das ganze dann aussehen.
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