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  1. He never is when it comes to Gotway
  2. What about your ACM2,s Marty so is the z10 favored over them?
  3. I cringe every time I see guys ride on trails near creeks. One false move and your wheel could be toast 2K down the drain. A stone in the path a branch or anything you miscalculate and that wheel can throw you and end up i the drink. I did this on my first mcm4 15 minutes after I got it off the fedex truck. Id ridden the same trail a million times before on my previous wheel and this time a concrete chunk was concealed by some leaves. It hit my pedal and twisted the wheel. I feel in one direction and helplessly watched the wheel tumble down the embankment and splash in the creek. I got up ran and jumped in after it got it out, but it was fried. I didnt know how deep the water was if there were snakes or what. All I could think about was my wheel. I think I'm still hurt to this day.
  4. Pales in comparison to the money I save on paying a therapist. I get on my wheel and all problems just fade into the background. Come home with a new sense of peace and balance.
  5. For what its worth most crashes I have had in my 3 years are at slow speeds from misreading some terrain feature and not giving the wheel the appropriate response. the last on I had was on a bike path the had 2 raised bumps back to back and launched me off the wheel into the air. I landed on my feet running. A face plant is rare, the best safety feature is awareness. IMHO
  6. LOL. No I went to them directly. He did give me a good deal tho. They are good guys. Very punctual. Good business men.
  7. Thanks Marty. I kinda figured that. But so many people that I respect are raving about the new Msuper X that it had me second guessing my purchase. To be honest Im still terrified of the speed I can hit on the Acm 2. Im coming from an MCM4 so I still havent pushed past 27mph on my new wheel. Still learning it. Thanks as always for the info. P.S I really enjoyed the podcast with you Duf and Jason. Very informative.
  8. Marty i just bought an ACM V2 from ewheels. How would you compare that wheel to an Msuper x? Speed wise is the acm slower? Does it have the same engine?
  9. tadrossi

    ACMv2 vs Tesla ?

    The motor in the new Gotway Acm V2 makes no sound at all just like the tesla. Some of the early ones may have whined but the ones going out now are silent. I have 1.
  10. I love the whine. Makes it sound like a spaceship. Just personal choice. I feel like a starfighter when I whizz by
  11. I'm not the guy in the video. I was making a general comment. I hit my eye socket and broke my glasses. Nasty scrape on my forearm and sore but ok. I could easily have broken my orbital bone tho. I was on a gotway mcm4 and misjudged the height of a curb and hit my pedal and it took my momentum and slammed me on my face with it. Salute to all euc riders out there. fun and be safe were the kool people
  12. This is sooooo accurate!! I was just to cool for my own good. I knew to wear gear all along. I am both very skilled and cautious. And it STILL didnt matter!!!! And I say that with all due humility. That concrete and landing on my face before there was anytime to react made me realize that I do this for fun and enjoyment not to leave my daughter alone in this world. Learn from our mistakes people. For the people who love you and need you wear safety gear.
  13. Marty do you really think the mcm4 was lame? I have been quite impressed with mine.
  14. I only ride at night. There are less people out and about and by the time they realize what I,m on I,m gone. I get sick of people trying to stop me and ask me questions.
  15. This is why I very rarely stop for people calling me and try to ride in areas with as few people as possible.( If you have to kill some one its a lose, lose situation.) The best defense you have is good judgement and awareness. We had a similar thread before and people said negative things when I expressed my viewpoint about not stopping for people and using deadly force if necessary. I ride for my pleasure and stress relief I don't want to interact with you unless your a pretty girl. I know what can happen if some genius decides that he wants to take your wheel. Best wishes to the guy who was attacked. Another reason I ride a wheel that will hit at least 20 mph.
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