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  1. I have put my got way MCM4 HS through hell and I haven't had any issues. With a 680WH battery... range isn't an issue. I can at least get 3 hours of agreessive city riding and still have a 40% battery life. The Battery management software is best of the best. At 30% it will not let me ride aggressive and it'll be constantly to remind me that the battery is that 30%. I stand behind Gotway all the way.
  2. Thank you Michael Vu. This helps with my decision making. So far GotWay MCM4 is on top of my list. ?
  3. Ummmmmm no. Read what the above user wrote. Here in the US, we have rights. I ride that hover board thing and the police hasn't bothered me at all. As long as I'm not putting myself or any pedestrians in danger.
  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My choices are now between the Ninebot one E+ and the Kingsong 14c.
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