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  1. Ask any Russian - Ivan Susanin will get you places... But seriously, our store and service beat my name picking skills any day! LOL
  2. We were told by our GotWay rep that the nominal motor power is 2500 Watt - max is between 5000 and 6000 Watt. (But the same nominal motor spec has been shared for 84V Monster...)
  3. Long time no post, hope this one won't disappoint you! We at EUC.NYC just got 3 out of the total of 15 units produced so far of 100V GotWay Monster (22" for those who aren't in the know). We didn't waste any time and the Unboxing and Review videos are up on our YouTube channel (please support us by liking and subscribing). SPOILER ALERT: Free spin test speed has turned out to be 52.9 mph (with battery half-empty).
  4. Thanks a lot for vouching for us, guys! We do indeed do our best to deliver to our local customers on the same day, stock the parts, provide repair service and let you try before you buy. Welcome to EUC.NYC Family, Kevin!
  5. My personal dream is interchangeable universal parts... Just like the bicycles - a single standard that would allow you to swap the parts would rule! Yes, I can arrange a test ride for both the ACM S+ and Msuper v3s+ for you - there's no better way to choose!
  6. I would agree that the MCM4 is easier to ride at small speeds. At cruising speeds though the Msuper feels more stable, and I do enjoy the higher position of the side pads - it offers more control.
  7. By all means, I'll hook you up with the ACM handle
  8. Hi Jack, replacing the shell is pretty easy, we actually have a few in stock, and it is really nice to see your old wheel looking brand new again. You probably won't need to replace all the parts - can just pick and choose which ones you need. There are great points in the previous comments about ACM and Msuper differences, and the added safety and comfort of a larger wheel diameter and higher motor power and battery capacity. In a nutshell, I would advise an experienced EUC rider to go for the newer 84V S+ variations of ACM and Msuper - the added voltage translated into more torque and
  9. Thank, Dingfelder! You are absolutely right, in our age of instant gratification, delay is not an option! I'll try my best to improve, perhaps preparing a script before shooting the video would help... Stills are a good idea too - need to learn some video editing tricks...
  10. Thank you for the feedback, meepmeepmayer! Oh yes, I hope the great GotWay spirits are merciful to me for calling the Monster "Msuper"! lol Great point about the background and the on screen, will improve on that. Do you mean lock the tire by getting a piece of packaging stuck between tire and shell? If I pick it up turned on it tries to do a burn-out on the Styrofoam, but show no sign of getting locked. Planning to do a Luffy video next week, MCM4 PRO in a month or so, Moonwalk, when I lay my hands on it. And anything else I can get from Gotway. As for the Red, it is the same o
  11. Folks, please let me know your opinion about our first try at the GotWay unboxing videos... I know there's plenty I can improve, and hope to do so in the upcoming videos! 22" GotWay Monster Electric Unicycle - unboxing 18" GotWay Msuper V3S+ 84V 1600Wh Red - unboxing 16" GotWay ACM S+ 84V 1600Wh - Black - unboxing Upcoming unboxing: Luffy! Also, please visit our online store: EUC.NYC Thanks! Dmitry (646) 88-382-99
  12. Thanks for mentioning EUC.NYC, @houseofjob! MCM4 HS, ACM V2, Msuper V3 and V3S+ are in stock already (just ran out of ACM V2S, but will remedy that). Luffys and Monsters are on the way from GotWay now.
  13. @houseofjob, thanks for mentioning EUC.NYC ! I'm really looking forward to trying the Luffy myself. I've fit my good old MCM4 into a backpack to use for longer commutes with train and bus transfers, but Luffy is a much better fit for that need. If the build quality is on par with the rest of GotWay products, we have nothing to worry about in the rain and dust department.
  14. I'll take that as a compliment. It really does look well-made. Now the MCM4 one I wasn't thrilled with - it touches my legs occasionally as I ride my old wheel.
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