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  1. iMaster

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Finally, manufactory installed the tire in a right direction
  2. iMaster

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    I got it and looking forward to the update with Siri Shortcuts
  3. iMaster

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    i can't found the Automatic Torch box in the Settings / Shop
  4. iMaster

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    where can i purchase the automatic torch feature?
  5. iMaster

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Really appreciate!!! looking forward to be one of your tester on the beta version
  6. iMaster

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    I love 3D touch on AW to turn on car light and ask Siri for battery level. Is it possible ask Siri to turn on the light or beep too? or create Siri new shortcut app to enable car features?
  7. I placed my ks18l order through a local distributor in the middle of June, the serial number of both motor and control board also state 19th and 20th. I received it on 30th of June. I don't know which batch of mine, it's comes with "ChaoYang" tire but also wrong direction.........
  8. After firmware upgraded to 1.10 and lift sensor calibration, the trolley working very smooth now. Many thanks for the hard work by KS team!!!
  9. iMaster

    King Song Social Media Representative

    many thanks once again for your clear and prompt response
  10. iMaster

    King Song Social Media Representative

    Thank you for your advice. Sorry for my misleading about the LED light. Actually, I'm talking about those LED light strips on both sides of the wheel, is it suppose light up when you are charging? Today, when I connect bluetooth with KS app, it showed a new firmware upgrade message popup. When go to more > firmware upgrade in the app, latest is 107 and I had upgraded it 2 weeks ago. I just feel that the wheel seems getting wield. But I'll follow your advice and wait for the solution and the new upgrade trolley handle and peddle
  11. iMaster

    King Song Social Media Representative

    @US69 I just unlocked my 18L after 200 km ride in last 2 weeks and I adjusted the max speed to 50km/h in KS app with my iPhone. I really want to confirm it is safe before I go for higher speed and I would like to get your advice about some minor issues of my 18L. 1. I set up the Light Sensor to auto in KS app but it only worked couple times even I cover the sensor completely. 2. after upgraded firmware from unbox default 106 to 107, the beep sound changed from horn to beep instead, is it normal? 3. the turn on beep sound was gone suddenly in last few days, 4. I charged my wheel last night, the green LED light seems gone. As i remember, when I charged it first time, the green LED light was on during charging. I only charge my 18L couple times so I'm not sure, or normally green LED never turn on? 5. I switched off the trolley sensor setting in app recently, besides of few locked up case, the balance power didn't get back properly when I put down the wheel. Do you suggest that I open it and adjust the sensor sensitive manually by losing a bit of the sensor screw under the bottom of trolley tubes on both side? Also, if I disconnect and reconnect the batteries, motor and mainboard plugs, any chance to fix the issues and of cause prevent lock up issue happens? I am enjoying my ride and trolleying 18L everyday by now?
  12. iMaster

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    I tried to change my KS 18L riding mode from "0" (experienced mode) to "1" (learning mode), then pressed apply to confirm the changed in the device setting of DarknessBot app. When I disconnect and reconnect the app to 18L again, the riding mode setting jump back to "0" again?!?!?! Then I used KingSong app to check the mode in setting, it stated the mode changed to learning mode. Is it a bug that will be fixed in next update or my wheel setting issue?
  13. iMaster

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    GestureBotics control?
  14. iMaster

    V8 battery upgrade!!!

  15. iMaster

    V8 battery upgrade!!!

    refer from one of the Korean Tech Geek!!!