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  1. Terry O'Neill of Edmonton on Candian TV tonight. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
  2. @Marty BackeWhich wheels survived the Overheat Hill? MCM5 certainly. MSX? How about any Kingsong wheels? Thank you.
  3. Where did you get the app? I can't find it with Google play store. I have tried to download the android version from http://www.kebye.com/content/?182.html and failed twice. Thanks.
  4. I had a collision with a cyclist this morning in Toronto. I was crossing a street on a Gotway MCM4. I was waving my hand to a car driver who was waiting for me. And suddenly a road bike made a left turn at a high speed (~30km/hr) and was on my path. I did not have time to break and ran into him directly. Fortunately, none of us fell down. I was shaken for a while and pushed the wheel for the last block. The guy was rude and accused me being illegal riding a motorized vehicle on sidewalks. I decided not to argue with that asshole. It is true that I was my fault partially. I was at about 15km/hr trying to cross the street quickly and did not pay great attention other than the parked car. But I should also let the cyclist know that it was also a problem of his being riding too fast. The collision occurred on an intersection , not on a sidewalk. Most Toronto streets are too dangerous to ride with cars. I do ride on separated bike lanes and sometimes on streets with bike lanes. But I do ride on sidewalks if I feel that the street is not safe. For over a year, I have no problem on sidewalks - not running into pedestrians once and getting no complains.
  5. EU_commuter

    MSX fender

    I spent $35 for the Gotway fender from Aliexpress. It was useless - got mud all over my pants. My solution: cut a plastic bottle to match the shape of MSX and screw it on. As you can see from the photo, some mud still gets out but it is much better. A couple of more screws may fix the problem. The plastic fender is soft. If the wheel falls back, it may break the fender off. But I had it for a couple month on muddy and/or snow paths and had not have a problem yet.
  6. I took my MSX for a ride in cold temperature. The following is the three mileage points I collected so far: Early September, ambient temp 26C, mileage 15.3wh/km or 0.065km/wh Late October, ambient temp 2C, mileage 21.3wh/km or 0.047km/wh Mid January (today), ambient temp -8C, mileage 48.3wh/km or 0.021km/wh This means, I can only ride at -8C for 30kms with a full charge down to 10% for my 1600wh MSX. In the summer, the range is nearly 100kms.
  7. Your MSX tire looks very robust - quite different from what I (and many others) have. Can you share with us the tire manufacture, part number, size, etc? Many thanks.
  8. Do you know the temperature below which the battery would be permanently damaged? Thanks.
  9. Just noticed that my MSX mileage is significantly smaller in the cold temperature compared to warmer weather: A month and half ago, outside temperature = 25-28 degree of Celsius, battery temp = 35-39C, mileage = 15.3wh/km or 0.065km/wh. Today, outside temp = 1-3C, batter temp = 16-21C, mileage = 21.3wh/km (0.047km/wh) . I was not able to reach my destination! Sad.
  10. Here is the plot of battery level vs distance for my 98km run. It is roughly linear. At the beginning, it seems dropping faster.
  11. I got the seat for MSX. But I don't use it. I feel seating is not as safe as standing. Of course, it's a personal opinion. In the past two weekends, I have ridden three long day trips, 85kms, 98kms, and today's 90kms. I have three or four breaks. But have learned how to exercise feet on the wheel to get the circulation running. 90kms is my range of 1600wh. I wish the battery capacity is larger so I can go further.
  12. forgot to check the battery setting. Sorry. Now, it's 78.8V! Many thanks, Stephen!
  13. Hi, Stephen, I downloaded your Wheellog apk. The voltage rating is the same 62.xxVolt! Did I get a 64V instead of 84V msx? But I can use the Ewheels' 84V fast charger to charge it!?
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