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  1. UrbanMCM4 is currently available for 549€ on https://store.urban360.com/produit/urban-mcm4/ with optionan high quality wide pedals.
  2. Vincent Bourdeau

    gotway mcm3 new pedal and foam

    @Jane Mo Urban360 requested foam and wide pedals for UrbanMCM4. Your wide pedals are not fitting my needs. They are heavy and very slippery. Please check comparison with requested pedals: top image is pedals requested very light with grip bottom image is pedals supplied very heavy without grip
  3. Vincent Bourdeau

    New pedals arrived yeaaaah.

    @HEC totally understood, but PCB is inside motor for both Solowheel S300 and Xtreme, so the only way is to replace it (it's hard to replace PCB inside motor, for this reason we'll ship your motor alone to USA). As I said earlier, please ship the Xtreme + charger to our address. As soon as we'll receive it, we will mount a new motor on your Xtreme, then we'll ship again to your address at our own expense.
  4. Vincent Bourdeau

    New pedals arrived yeaaaah.

    @HEC So you want to received a new Xtreme charger including DC part of the charger cable? Can you send us a picture showing yours? Generally, the charging issue concerns the pins on the socket of the Xtreme.
  5. Vincent Bourdeau

    New pedals arrived yeaaaah.

    @HEC : Sorry for late reply, but we are moving our store to a new place. To be fast, quick and efficient, 2 ways: 1: can you please send us the picture of the part that you need for warranty replacement? We'll ship directly to your address for free. 2: otherwise, please send back the Xtreme with the charger into the box to our address directly. Thank you.
  6. @Lz Lee what is the brand/model of this tire?
  7. Vincent Bourdeau

    Board to repair/fix all wheels

    @electric_vehicle_lover It's from owd1, the engineer is Da Liu, he is working also on KS motors. These crooks sold me as a good quality product. I felt down after riding 10m! The PCB is burnt.
  8. Vincent Bourdeau

    Board to repair/fix all wheels

    @electric_vehicle_lover do you know this pcb? it burned for me after riding 10 meters. It seems similar to the one sold by MicroWorks?
  9. Vincent Bourdeau

    Board to repair/fix all wheels

    @electric_vehicle_lover Very good idea! Do you think it's possible to have a generic bluetooth app? To work with gotway mcm4 pcb for example?
  10. Vincent Bourdeau

    Board to repair/fix all wheels

    @electric_vehicle_lover : just give me your email so I can set you admin
  11. Vincent Bourdeau

    Board to repair/fix all wheels

    Hi Wheelies! As a retailer, I started this public international Trello board : https://trello.com/b/pO8ekc78/ It contains for each wheel Brand/Model, different pictures/process: to unmount to fix to repair to identify connectors to mount trolleys ... Advantage is that we can easily organize information inside It's open to all customers, but recommended for specialists/professionnals/retailers If you are retailer or professional or skilled customer and would like to post documents into this Trello board, just tell me with your email on urban360@urban360.com, so I will add your account as editor. A Trello board is free, flexible and easy to use. It's a list of lists, filled with cards, designed for team. @Jason McNeil @Jane Mo @Scooter-thom