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  1. I am 55 years and addicted to the IPS zero. I've been riding 52 km and I am able to switch to 30 km /h. I fell about 4 times (hard) due to a defective BMS system.
  2. I rode 26 km with IPS zero 340 and 4 times ( I was not speeding) cruising in comfort mode the device shut down unexpectedly preceded by a roaring sound. Thrown off backwards. Hurt my foot this time real bad. Can't walk properly for weeks.This BMS shutdown problem is a SERIOUS problem it can KILL YOURSELF and injure other pedestrians, cars or worse.
  3. I agree entirely with your remarks. My IPS zero 340 shut down suddenly and i fell backwards I was cruising at 15 km/h so not speeding. I still wonder what (technically) happened ?
  4. Yes it is Unpleasant experience with my IPS zero 340 - The unicycle shut down for a moment. I was cruising at 15Km/h At first fro a second a roaring sound and then I flipped backwards. Gyroscopes did not work for a second or so. Hurt my self real bad although I was wearing protection. Anybody having the same experience, what might be the origin of this failure ?
  5. This file might be helpful - scheme (source IPS ZERO 340 shenzen - China ) IPS Code And Solution.pdf
  6. •I have been driving the IPS unicyle zero 340 for 10 kilometres now. •I have been using the app from IPS en XIMA. On the Xima app dashboard I miss some detailed information on the unicycle. How can I resolve this ? •Furthermore I have a 800 Watt engine (340 battery) but I cannot go faster in excess of 20km/h. (Limited speed ) Is it true that you should drive 100 km first before this feature (30 km/h) is available ?
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