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  1. US69

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    as always .....installed
  2. US69

    KS 14s cutout!

    @DaveThomasPilot we r talking about the 14s ....not 14c... and these are not Suspicious to wrong voltage readings. also a wrong voltage reading alone can not be the culprit for a real cutout. but as said....further testing needs to be done
  3. US69

    unlocking kingsong speed

    In ghe moment there are problems with speed unlocking in the Ks app afaik the LATEST android should work again...but IOS is waiting for apple approvement....should come in the next one/,two weeks
  4. US69

    Kingsong KS-18S tiltback above 40 kph

    perhaps yes, nonetheless the limit was set down to 200km...with 1.04! but i now a lot 18s riders which have no prob with the 50kmh setting... go into the darkness bot thread and register as beta tester! on the last beta the max speed for KS works now....setting 3 + 4 alarm to a value up to 50kmh!
  5. US69

    KS 14s cutout!

    Just for fun... you started with THE MOST hardest pedal setting ever with the Tesla :-) just recently released. And good for you :-) i would say that the S Series follow on as the next hardest .... if you ever want to try something wkth a REAL bouncy/weak pedal setting....try a IPS lhotz :-) you will think how the hell did people ever ride on this :-)
  6. US69

    German Discussion Group

    Falsch ;-) Es gibt noch ne dritte Position(meine): Nämlich die, an Grosskopf zu glauben und das zur Not auch auszufechten mit der Justiz, wenn die Herrschaft in blau einen denn mal hopsnimmt aufm Rad UND gleichzeitig ein "teures" Kennzeichen mitzuführen....vielleicht besänftigt das ja die Staatsmacht :-)
  7. US69

    KS16S Firmware upgrade doesn't work ?

    What is "not working"??? You Need at least the new app, i would recommend better using android instead of IOS. Directly when opening the new app and after Connecting to your wheel you should get an automatic prompt by the app that a newer Firmware is available. If this prompt does NOT come from alone, the upgrade Servers are down at the Moment. i would then recommend to try later. In the Moment they have some probs with Speed unlocking and registering, so might be they have taken down the Server, or so... Unfortunatly i dont have theFirmware file, i guess the normal user wont save it, or?
  8. The 18S has made it to the Top, and when arriving there it overheated :-)
  9. I have looked the 3 Videos now, and actually the wheel is making those hills very easy and impressive. what i also found quite good is that the wheel needed about from 100-65% battery for those 15 "hill" miles. That's great in my view! I would love to hear some more about the trolley, @Marty Backe Seams the General take so far is, works good on the lighter V5, but not on the over 20kg V10? To clumsy and loose? That the wheel died is a real bummer. My Point of view: Ok, might be a pre-production wheel, but nonetheless: After Marty brought it in the hills it died the day after??? Not that good... On the other Hand, with the the button behaviour it is perhaps just a easy button fix. Having only a 30Amp fuse in front of a 40amp capable battery package is ...hmh.....making big questionmarks in my head? 30Amps is not that much...even KS fuses are at least 40A if not 50A or 60Amp. But ok, perhaps a very efficient Motor not needing that much Watts? Time will tell if it is enough :-)
  10. US69

    KS 14s cutout!

    It "might" work fine...but really , actual KS don't do that on a regular Basis, just cutting out of the blue. If some cells are defect, they might work "sometime" and on the slightest rise of amperage draw you might get the next cutout. Or if just some caps or resistor is loose and shortening from time to time. BTW: This goes for every wheel.....you receive a cutout or whatever "unnormal" behaviour? Check the wheel. It is not meant to do that and certainly will not repair from "itself"...
  11. That's a Firmware fault, the device has Kind of "forgotten" it's Serial number. You Need to contact your seller. He should be able to install the Firmware again with a "Special KS engineer" app.
  12. US69

    KS 14s cutout!

    I personally wouldn' t ride it again... Something is defect...battery perhaps, or something on the board. Hard to say. Needs to be open, battery has to be checked, board too.
  13. Beside some questions to "active cooling"..... i have seen 2 videos now for looking inside the wheel, i did not see a fan at all? @Bobwheel because of prototype version? or what is active cooling???
  14. US69

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    I can say that the app now perfectly sets 3rd and 4th(tiltback) alarm on a KS to a proper adjusted value :-) so for KS user having probs with the ks app and registering and so also with tiltback setting....try this here....(beta!!!)
  15. US69

    WheelLog Android App

    you first have to connect it one time to ks app after powering on the wheel....then power of ks app....after that it should connect directly to wheellog....