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  1. Apologies, budget is maximum 2,000USD
  2. Thanks for the feedback meepmeepmayer. It looks as though they are still for sale, so it’s quite confusing to be honest. See https://store.inventist.com/products/solowheel-xtreme I don’t need to go quicker than 16km/h (sounds quite slow I know). I don’t like going faster than I can run. I find that a good safety rule should I come off. Gives me a good chance to stay on my feet. Safety and quality (build, materials and software logic) and comfort with enough power for hilly terrain are my priorities. I have been reviewing videos on the inMotion v10. The weight and height of the pedals have been putting me off though. any recommendations most welcome. thank you once again.
  3. Hi, i have owned and ridden an Airwheel X8 for the past 7 years. It is well past it’s use by date. It struggles on inclines and has lost a significant amount of power delivery or acceleration. I have used the X8 primarily for last mile commutes doing on average 4 to 5 kilometres in total for a day. All riding is on bitumen or concrete pathways. I Don’t need range but would like a more powerful wheel as I live in a hilly area. I am interested in the Solowheel Xtreme as a potential replacement, in that it is light in weight, and from the specifications has a strong motor. Is the Solowheel now a rebadged machine? I haven’t kept up with the latest in EUCs, so am not familiar with brands etc. A few years ago when I was looking, Solowheel seemed a quality product, is that still the case? i am 85kg, 6’3” and 16 or so km/h top speed is more than enough for me. Safety, build quality and comfortable ride are my priorities. thank you.
  4. Speedie

    X8 down on power

    Thanks, I will give the voltmeter a go. Should have thought of that really. (The Internet can make me lazy at times) Much appreciated for all the responses.
  5. Speedie

    X8 down on power

    All up I would have ridden about 1300km. I'm 83 odd kilos. It's always ridden on concrete paths. I always charge it after each ride. The charge rarely if ever would get below 2 of the 4 indicator lights, so it has never been completely discharged and has always be stored with a full charge. I am no battery expert but I wonder if it is the repeated heavy draw every day for the few short steep segments of the ride that has shortened the life of the battery.
  6. Hi, i have an Airwheel X8 that I have been using for a little over 18 months. I use it to commute to the train station and back which is approximately a 5km round trip. The trip out is uphill and there are a few sections with quite steep inclines for short distances. Initially when I first got the X8 riding up these inclines was no problem. Now the X8 really struggles on these inclines. It is as though the battery is no longer able to deliver what the motor is trying to draw. The X8 is also no longer as zippy (good at accelerating) as when new. I can't imagine it would be the engine, as these are reasonably bulletproof. The battery still charges and holds the charge according to the indicator lights. Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue could be? Dead or non charging cells in the battery? Is there anyway to "reset" the battery? Thanks.
  7. Hi, thank you all very much for responding to my post. At the moment I quite like both the KS-16 and the uniwheel. Both soon to be released. On the KS, It has a proven track record with most reports sighting a good build quality with sound engineering. For me the downside is its width and weight for my short distance requirements. On the uniwheel, there is some risk as this is their first EUC, however from the reports posted here and the target specifications it does have the hallmarks of a well thought out and designed product. My impressions only, so take with a grain of salt, it does look as though it is being designed and built to a certain standard and quality more so than to a price (which appeals to me). I like the lighter weight and less bulk of it as well. As to the battery size, I am no expert, but if I don't need to travel large distances then a smaller battery is ample so long as it can deliver the power or amperage the engine is calling for during peak load times. Naively I liken it to a small petrol tank for a big engined car. As long as the fuel injectors can deliver the required flow of petrol I can use the full power of the engine as long as the petrol lasts. Again, I'm no expert on batteries, does watt hours (tank size) dictate how much energy can be delivered per unit time? i definitely don't want to start an argument on batteries. I'm no engineer and my petrol tank analogy may be way off. Again, thankyou for your responses they have been most helpful.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for advice on selecting a second EUC. My first EUC is an Airwheel X8 which I have had for just on one year now. I use it to travel approximately 2-3km twice a day from home to the train station. While I have enjoyed learning to ride the X8 and it's convenience and overall feeling of using it there are a few things that I would like to improve upon. The features I would like to improve are; being able to configure settings, having a more powerful / torquey motor & battery package (more specifically, the route to the station is up hill and in some parts reasonably steep. I am 85kg and in these sections the X8 really struggles. it feels as though it is ready to give up - it does feel at the very limit of it's ability to climb. I'm not sure how to understand motor ratings - each manufacturer seems to have a different way of describing the wattage plus I suspect the quality and battery discharge capability to feed the motor under load can make big differences, so a bigger motor rating isn't necessarily the right measure on it's own I'm guessing.) and finally the form factor (the X8 does look a little dated now). I'm happy with a top speed of 15 to 18km/h for safety reasons so outright speed is not a priority. Finally the terrain is a little bumpy with curb and guttering to contend with so a 16inch wheel is preferable but not a must. I have been looking at the following EUCs (in no particular order) as a replacement and would be grateful for any advice you may have. Solowheel Xtreme IPS Zero Ninebot One Pro (not sure if these are still available - any other Ninebot applicable?) KingSong 16A Any thoughts you may have are greatly appreciated. Apologies if I have posted in the wrong area.
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