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  1. Yesss !!!!! I agree so much ! The Kingsong KS16A prototype had a battery level indicator directly viewable when riding... But the production KS16B didn't ! So bad kingsong's choice !
  2. Same problem here : https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/3297-roue-qui-craque-comme-du-vieux-plancher/
  3. Yes, my app is still version 1.4 too ! The only différence that I saw in this "new v1.4" app are the four colored circles in the "Color Light Control" screen :
  4. I don't know if it's exactly the same with KS14D, but with KS16B/KS16S the LED's colors can be changed using the latest Android app : This application version can be downloaded on the French forum : https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/2839-comment-personnalisé-les-couleurs-des-leds-de-la-ks-16s/
  5. I don't know how it looks like in the IOS app , but in the Android app it's in the "Speed limit decoding" main menu's option :
  6. The ISN number is given by the Kingsong's application itself... You simply have to copy it to the unlocker tool to get an unlock code.
  7. @Berty, I experienced the same injuries as yours ten months ago... I wish you a fast and stable recovery, without any sequelae.
  8. Any news about the KS18 new design ?
  9. The new KS firmware v1.25 announce a new feature "Turning off unicycle through app". I upgraded my KS16B with the new v1.25 firmware but nothing have changed in my Android v1.4 app. I didn't find any way to switch off the wheel from the KS app. Is there a new KS Android app (v1.5 ?) to download ? Where ?
  10. There are already some threads of discussions about the improvements to be made to the Kingsong wheels : We should gather all these ideas in a single thread to share with the Kingsong's designers/development team...
  11. That may explain why my KS16 can now be set to 30 km/h without any unlock code...
  12. Finally, YOU'r right and I'm totally wrong ! A few minutes ago, I totally cleared my Kingsong's app memory and restarted the app. Then, despite my KS16 is 1057 km, it was impossible to set a max speed above 20 km/h (witch is the factory default). BUT if I close the phone app and start it again, then it's possible to set a 30 km/h max speed (without any unclock code) !!! So, the app is not unlocked (the "Speed limit decoding" menu item still asks for the unlock code) but the max speed can still be set to 30 km/h !!! So, you're right, it seems that the WHEEL is unlocked (and maybe the app need to be connected twice to "know" that the wheel is unlocked)... Weird behavior !
  13. I've never heard about an automatic unlocking after a certain mileage and that's not mentioned in the KS16's user guide.
  14. Yes ! That's very easy because the unlock code does not unlock the wheel but it only unlocks the phone's app ! Therefore, you just have to install a clean new app on your phone (and set the max speed of your used wheel to anything under 25 km/h) to be back in factory's initial state... Your "locked" phone's app will not allow you to set a max speed above 25 km/h anymore. Thus, you respect your laws !
  15. Addwyn

    KingSong KS 16S

    Kingsong France published some news about the future KS16S. Its color may be Silver at a first time... https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/1483-kingsong-16s/?page=5#comment-32749
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