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  1. omfg i found the mistake. Really bad soldering from china. I ordered Y-connectors for a second battery pack. Measurement on the pins of the charger-plug: 67V, inside the mcm on the charger plug: 67V, inside mcm after the Y-connector: 54V After that i measured the resistance of the Y-connector and on both sides 27Ohm. Now i refreshed every solder point and it works well Anyways Thank @Michael David de Gans
  2. Hey Community, today i wanted to charge my MCM4. I plugged in the charger and he instantly lit up green not red. strange... I turned power on and off several times and measured the voltage on the plug. There are only 54V ... not the needed 67,2 Is there a solution how this could be fixed or do i need a complete new charger? thanks
  3. Its Android. Used with ver. 4.3.1
  4. i tested it right now. it did not work like you said. I also tried different combinations, the second alarm is always active. I tried your modified app aswell, did not work... Thats realy strange!
  5. @mich ah ok, this means, i can only deactivate the second alarm, when the tiltback is deactivated? and i do not need to select close first alarm befor selecting close second alarm? only close second is enougth?
  6. i ordered the 130wh pack from aliexpress. just for safety, not for more range. Awaiting delivery (in 30-60 days )
  7. Hey, i am just totally confused about the alarm setting of my Gotway MCM4. In the app there are 3 options for speed alarms: - close first alarm - close second alarm - open alarm At the beginning, there was an alarm at 18km/h, if I push "close first alarm" the alarm starts at 24km/h. But when i push on "close second alarm" the alarm at 24km/h is still there. I already tried different combinations of the 3 options, to get rid of the second alarm but it does not work. Someone of you already worked out, how to get rid of all the alarms on
  8. Just got the connector specs from the shop, see attachment. I found the big ones, these are XT60 plugs but what are the others? cant find them!
  9. I am to stupid to use aliexpress today... The search engine of the site is terrible... Can some of you help me, finding a complete battery pack? (not from 1radwerkstatt, they are from germany but it is expensive) I found this 2 so far: 260wh -> http://de.aliexpress.com/item/Lithium-60v-battery-li-ion-60v-4-4AH-60v-350w-4400mAh-For-samsung-18650-cell-electric/32482248695.html 130wh -> http://de.aliexpress.com/item/Original-For-SAMSUNG-Battery-Cell-60V-2200mAH-132Wh-Battery-pack-Self-balancing-electric-unicycle-18650-batteries/32626886154.html Or
  10. *headnocking* ^^ just reading you link, looks like it has all informations i need. I did not find it before i postet this thread.
  11. hey, yes i am from germany and i already wrote a mail to 1radwerkstatt. and i got the 260wh version you are saying, 32 cells are on one pack, this pack got 2 bms in there!? or are 2 cells connect where one should be!?
  12. Hey Community, my MCM4 is just great, but i am interest in extending the range. When i read the specs in this shop: http://de.aliexpress.com/store/product/Reserve-Gotway-MCM4-130wh-260wh-340wh-520WH-680WH-electric-unicycle-one-wheel-scooter-800W-motor-max/1908673_32468490098.html There are 2 batterypacks in the small versions and 4 packs in the bigger ones. I got one of the lower ones, so 2 packs. What i want to know, is there enougth space to add 2 more packs, to get a big one by my self? Or is the case modified, so there is noth enougth space?
  13. Did not win the auction. Now i ordered a MCM4 from "green and fashion travaling shop". The Black one needs 2 more days to get shipped.
  14. I will try to get the airwheel (it is an auction). If I do not get it, i maybe order a GotWay mcm4 from aliexpress. Chinese New Year holidays should be over on monday.
  15. Someone of you already orderrd a gotway here: http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32493411863.html There are only 2 Sellers on aliexpress, should i order here or in the green etc. shop? He give me 30$ discount for the 260wh model.
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