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  1. omfg i found the mistake. Really bad soldering from china. I ordered Y-connectors for a second battery pack. Measurement on the pins of the charger-plug: 67V, inside the mcm on the charger plug: 67V, inside mcm after the Y-connector: 54V After that i measured the resistance of the Y-connector and on both sides 27Ohm. Now i refreshed every solder point and it works well Anyways Thank @Michael David de Gans
  2. Hey Community, today i wanted to charge my MCM4. I plugged in the charger and he instantly lit up green not red. strange... I turned power on and off several times and measured the voltage on the plug. There are only 54V ... not the needed 67,2 Is there a solution how this could be fixed or do i need a complete new charger? thanks
  3. Its Android. Used with ver. 4.3.1
  4. i tested it right now. it did not work like you said. I also tried different combinations, the second alarm is always active. I tried your modified app aswell, did not work... Thats realy strange!
  5. @mich ah ok, this means, i can only deactivate the second alarm, when the tiltback is deactivated? and i do not need to select close first alarm befor selecting close second alarm? only close second is enougth?
  6. i ordered the 130wh pack from aliexpress. just for safety, not for more range. Awaiting delivery (in 30-60 days )
  7. Hey, i am just totally confused about the alarm setting of my Gotway MCM4. In the app there are 3 options for speed alarms: - close first alarm - close second alarm - open alarm At the beginning, there was an alarm at 18km/h, if I push "close first alarm" the alarm starts at 24km/h. But when i push on "close second alarm" the alarm at 24km/h is still there. I already tried different combinations of the 3 options, to get rid of the second alarm but it does not work. Someone of you already worked out, how to get rid of all the alarms on mcm4? What i want to get, is no alarm and tiltback at 24km/h but it is impossible with my app!?
  8. Just got the connector specs from the shop, see attachment. I found the big ones, these are XT60 plugs but what are the others? cant find them!
  9. I am to stupid to use aliexpress today... The search engine of the site is terrible... Can some of you help me, finding a complete battery pack? (not from 1radwerkstatt, they are from germany but it is expensive) I found this 2 so far: 260wh -> http://de.aliexpress.com/item/Lithium-60v-battery-li-ion-60v-4-4AH-60v-350w-4400mAh-For-samsung-18650-cell-electric/32482248695.html 130wh -> http://de.aliexpress.com/item/Original-For-SAMSUNG-Battery-Cell-60V-2200mAH-132Wh-Battery-pack-Self-balancing-electric-unicycle-18650-batteries/32626886154.html Or maybe someone of you is using a pack and can recommend one to me!? And maybe someone of you know which connectors i need for my mcm4?
  10. *headnocking* ^^ just reading you link, looks like it has all informations i need. I did not find it before i postet this thread.
  11. hey, yes i am from germany and i already wrote a mail to 1radwerkstatt. and i got the 260wh version you are saying, 32 cells are on one pack, this pack got 2 bms in there!? or are 2 cells connect where one should be!?
  12. Hey Community, my MCM4 is just great, but i am interest in extending the range. When i read the specs in this shop: http://de.aliexpress.com/store/product/Reserve-Gotway-MCM4-130wh-260wh-340wh-520WH-680WH-electric-unicycle-one-wheel-scooter-800W-motor-max/1908673_32468490098.html There are 2 batterypacks in the small versions and 4 packs in the bigger ones. I got one of the lower ones, so 2 packs. What i want to know, is there enougth space to add 2 more packs, to get a big one by my self? Or is the case modified, so there is noth enougth space?
  13. Did not win the auction. Now i ordered a MCM4 from "green and fashion travaling shop". The Black one needs 2 more days to get shipped.
  14. I will try to get the airwheel (it is an auction). If I do not get it, i maybe order a GotWay mcm4 from aliexpress. Chinese New Year holidays should be over on monday.
  15. Someone of you already orderrd a gotway here: http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32493411863.html There are only 2 Sellers on aliexpress, should i order here or in the green etc. shop? He give me 30$ discount for the 260wh model.
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