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  1. I've read online about it being an issue of age and so my doctor told me as well ... The only issue I have with that is that I'm only 26, moderately fit and it seemed to be directly related to riding an EUC (especially the V8). I've been riding today for about 1hr for the first time after taking a 4week long break. I wore a new pair of GEOX shoes that are normally great for walking long distances and such things, yet, my feet felt numb after 20-25mins on the wheel so I stepped off every now and then. I'll test another pair this upcoming week, thinking about my shoes, I actually switch to a pair of New Balance from my nice boots a little before this issue appeared the first time (suspicious ...). I'll go back to my exercises soon and report back in a bit! Thanks to everybody who took the time to answer!
  2. For the one and a half years I have been riding my EUCs on a daily basis, varying distances but almost always at least 25-30 minutes per day. 6 Months ago I started to get some pain in my right foot that was exemplary for plantar fasciitis (inflamed tissue in the back heel). I tried lots of things to get rid of the issue but not much seemed to help, until I was forced to stop riding my EUCs for a longer period (about 4 weeks now) and suddenly the plantar fasciitis got better, a lot better. One of these days though, I would like to get back on to my EUC again, but I'm scared that the plantar fasciitis will come back as I'm assuming this was a result of riding my EUC in first place. Therefore I'm wondering, is this a common issue long term riders get when riding the EUC too much? Is this maybe a result of me having my feet weirdly on the pedals? Just FYI, I'm riding a InMotion V8 and a Ninebot One - although I don't believe this to be very relevant.
  3. Correct. The 4299 RMB is the real price. I spend about 10k on Aliexpress in the last 24 months so far without much of an issue as Aliexpress will act in the interest of the buyer in 9/10 cases (at least for me) if something goes wrong. Patience is the thing you need the most though I think Aliexpress is basically just the international front for most buyers while Taobao is the Chinese Amazon. If you look up the Inmotion V8 you can find a few deals on French Slickdeals getting the Inmotion V8 + Cover for a bit over 600€ ... Unfortunately, I missed that. What I posted is Taobao international. So far I had no issue whatsoever using my Chase issued Visa card. Shipping costs are declared at 999 RMB, after talking to the seller he said that the shipping would be accurate if he wouldn't have to ship the battery in a separate box. That way it's 1100 RMB
  4. It's wheelbuy, here's the shop https://shop33827760.world.taobao.com
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking into buying a Inmotion V8 EUC and have been in contact with a seller on taobao that can directly ship to the US (battery and EUC separately) for a decent price. The seller has a pretty good review history and has been selling stuff on Aliexpress as well, so it seems to be a better choice than some new seller there. What I'm wondering though, has anyone ordered with Taobao before? Experiences?
  6. This one I would be shipping from Germany. Another user here already asked me for a quote, shipping to the US would be 68.99€ with DHL. Shouldn't be a problem though, now that the E+ got a certification.
  7. Hey Guys, as four Ninebots are at least one too much, I have to get rid of one. I'm selling my Ninebot One E+ that I have left in/near Stuttgart, Germany. I bought that one in May 2016 through Aliexpress. I rode it for about 2-3 months (400km in total, no crashes) before I moved to the US. The wheel is in an excellent condition. I stored it at about 40% Battery as I was planning to use it while I'm going to visit my parents over Christmas. Pictures attached (I was only able to upload one, if you want more, let me know). All accessory (charger, inflation adapter and so on) is included. I'm happy to ship it after payment if you take the shipping charges. I was thinking about 650€, if you're interested - let's talk!
  8. I think I still owe everybody here a follow up on this question: (btw. thanks for answering so nicely!) In the meantime I drove about 100km with the Ninebot in question here. Which comes down to about 10 charges I guess?! (Never really took down the battery below 20%) I started monitoring the Voltage at full and most other metrics with 9BMetrics. When I got the 9Bot it hat 4km on it and the full charge voltage was about 60V, quickly after the first two charges that went up to about 61.6V where it's at now. The mileage at the beginning was about approx 8km, it went up to about maybe 12-14km now. Acceleration stayed about the same, started to beep on you at about 20km/h. Again, this is a N1O Ninebot One E+, comparing that to my other N2O Ninebot One E+ I feel like this one is not what I hoped it would be. I'm about 100kg heavy, so I really need all power and mileage I can get. So after charge cycling the battery for a while, I can't find a big recovery, although there is some recovery! I guess I'm going to stick with that Ninebot now and will probably try and get a different EUC soon. Thanks everybody for their help and answers!
  9. Is this still available?
  10. Unfortunately all of that seems true, the battery easily jumps 20% up and down and the capacity is baaaaad. I do wonder if it'd be worth it to take out the battery and charge it with a better charger?!?
  11. So, after some rides and an answer from Ninebot, it seems as I really do have a E+ Model... but with a almost dead battery. I recharged and rode this thing now for about 20 miles in total. The battery charges up to 61.6V again but my maximum reach on flat terrain is somewhere between 6-8 miles which is pretty low =((( I bought the Ninebot with 4km on it and only 3 charges, it was laying around for almost exactly one year after it was bought from Newegg. Pretty sad to see that the battery seems to be that bad. Anyone knows if there is any chance it'll just recover?!
  12. That's a possible scenario I didn't think about at first. When I bought the Ninebot it had only 2 Charges and 4km on it and showed 100%, fully charging it gives me about 60V, which is less than what to expect. So it's probably the battery after all. I wonder if it will recover from sitting around not being used for about a year. What made me wonder though really is the sticker on the packaging where Model E is ticked, but a sticker with E+ is put next to it. If I got that right from another thread there were a few models that got relabeled and I really want to avoid to have gotten one of those as it happened to me before (more or less). I'll report back in a few days if you guys don't have any other idea!
  13. Yeah, my other E+ also starts with N2OEA ... That would mean this unit is a Ninebot One E with a 320Wh or a E+ from earlier years but why the limitations I mentioned?! Edit: The original seller was newegg.com in July 2015.
  14. Yeah, I looked similar things up, the problem is that Ninebot issued N1OEA serial numbers at the beginning for E+ models as well. See: https://www.speedyfeet.uk/kb_results.asp?ID=29
  15. Hi everyone, after I couldn't take my Ninebot One E+ with me from Europe to the US, I had to buy one here in the US as well. Now I bought this Ninebot One E+ used with only 4 km on it. I did a test drive with it and everything seemed to check out, the battery had a 320Wh label so all was good. The seller claimed he bought it about a year ago and was never really able to ride it, which is the reason why he is selling it. What confuses me now is what the Ninebot iOS app reports and how different the wheel feels to my wheel in Europe. First of all, when the wheel is fully charged, I get 20km remaining mileage reported. IIRC my other E+ reports 28km when fully charged. Second, the Ninebot starts beeping on me at 20km/h instead of the usual 23/24 km/h I got out with my other Ninebot. Can anyone make sense of why this wheel behaves so different? The serial number on the wheel is: N1OEA1521A00XX Thanks!
  16. Well, there are many vendors on Aliexpress that would be happy to sell a S2 to me ... The $200 comparison is between the A1 with two batteries and the S2, so the only difference is really the 400W to 500W motor. I'm still unsure if that's worth the 200 USD
  17. Hi everyone, after my Ninebot One E is no longer, I need to get a new EUC and was planning to buy either the new Ninebot One A1 or S2 from Aliexpress. As there's a big price difference between the two models (200 USD) even though they have the same battery size from what I can tell, I do wonder what's the real difference between the two models? And which model is worth getting? I know both models are brand new and there's not too much info around, yet I hope someone might have some info for me! Thanks
  18. How to disable the Speed Limiter? Mine is currently set to 10km/h. Is that maybe why my Ninebot beeps so often?
  19. I was riding in the ride direction, there's no way I was riding backwards. You are right, sometimes I get the tiltback without beeps, sometimes with the beeps and then it gives me the tilback. The battery was at around 75% when that happened. I don't know why how the battery could have been too low. Also, the Ninebot didn't shut off. It was just laying there, waiting for me to pick it up again.
  20. So, my understanding of how the Ninebot works was that once you hit near top speed, it would start beeping twice and then lean you back so you slow down. Now for both me and a friend of mine (individual Ninebots) it happened now that the Ninebot beeped three times and instead of leaning back just went all the way up front. I think I don't have to tell you what the result was... Anyway, it happened in different situation and somehow not out of logic context in my opinion. Did this happen to anyone before? Firmware is 1.3.5
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