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  1. I have my MSX almost 2 years, after few months I mounted pedals from Monster. Old ones have the same dimensions like yours.
  2. Yes, it is one of the best overclockable CPUs ever. However, when a processor with a base frequency of 3.3GHz is overclocked to 5.3Ghz, so that such a clock frequency can be achieved at all, such a processor is usually cooled by liquid nitrogen.
  3. It is heavier than aluminum, but has better thermal conductivity.
  4. I think any piece of copper is better than aluminum. When heatpipes are installed in the current heatsink, it will help. They do not necessarily transfer heat to a greater distance from the heat source.
  5. I talked to a friend who also rides on the EUC, and I asked him if he thought it was possible, for example, to build a testing laboratory for unicycles with community funding. The durability and capabilities of the new unicycle would be tested there. Then the unicycle would be certified, for example, by ELA - Euc Laboratory Aprroved. And we would know that paying attention to an unknown unicycle without an ELA certificate would not make sense. However, he told me that none of the Chinese manufacturers deal with this and they don't care. This is similar to what Marty said about my cooling treat
  6. This is a sad read, but their mentality is different and I can probably understand it. The first is money, the second is money, the third is money .....and only somewhere in the back it turns out that someone can use it, so it's for people.
  7. I used this term because when I think about it, protection against normal use is nonsense. If it destroys itself with normal use, it's shit. I am sorry, but my English is bad and I often use translator. I hope you will forgive me and we will still understand each other.
  8. If anyone from Veteran reads this, contact me, I will help you design a much more efficient cooling. I have experience with cooling overclocked processors with air coolers with minimal modifications. My Intel Core i5 Sandy bridge can run at 5.3GHz and handle all benchmark stress tests.
  9. The difference in cooling quality is not in the fans, but mainly in the fact that the Gotway exposes the heatsink through the body to the wheel. That's another thing I want my Sherman to have.
  10. I think we're both talking about the same thing. In comparison to the car, I intentionally omitted the temperature warning against seizing the pistons - just as Sherman does not have such a mechanism. Whether it's a car or a unicycle, every product should be protected from self-destruction by heavy use.
  11. This is well known from your video. But the cables and the circuit board must have become very hot before melting. And most of all, the cables were burned closest to the circuit board. I think passive cooling is a very undersized and active cooling stupidly designed. If the heat does not build up and is removed from the circuit board quickly enough, the tin on the connections may not melt.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. I have never seen such a part before.
  13. If you drive up your car a steep hill very slowly at full throttle and your car radiator fan does not work, the temperature will rise and you will seize the pistons. This is proof that the most fundamental problem is cooling. Back to Veteran Sherman. The exposed mosfets are mounted too close to the edge of the heatsink. There should still be a piece of heatsink next to them, for better heat dissipation. The fans blow on the circuit board, but all the heat accumulates inside and there is no way to leave. Shifting the circuit board on the heatsink could be a partial solution for better coo
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