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  1. That's right from AliExpress. MSUPER V3S has really Tesla engine, someone can confirm this to me
  2. you are talking about Tesla?? and the tiltback problem 48km / h
  3. diegoxxx

    Gotway’s New Wheel?

  4. diegoxxx

    MSuper v4?

    I'm also waiting if anyone knows anything more. Jason, give us all the information
  5. diegoxxx

    has anyone done a tire removal : Tesla

    hello? hmm
  6. diegoxxx

    has anyone done a tire removal : Tesla

    Maybe someone knows how to change the tires, what I need to disassemble, it's difficult for someone to have a movie
  7. diegoxxx

    CES 2018: Ninebot One Z

    Kingsong69 I spoke with ninebot poland price the same as I wrote the delivery end of January
  8. diegoxxx

    CES 2018: Ninebot One Z

    preorder https://www.ninebot-polska.pl/product/ninebot-one-z6-z8-z10/
  9. diegoxxx

    CES 2018: Ninebot One Z

    1007,28 euro price z10
  10. diegoxxx

    CES 2018: Ninebot One Z

    in Poland, the end of this month will be available
  11. diegoxxx


    hello anybody knows and has the same problem i am..the fast wheel tesla my wheel vibrates i have to think the beat i mean the faster the movie effect
  12. diegoxxx

    gotway reliability?

    How to check if my 1900 engine is Tesla not Acm16
  13. diegoxxx

    MSuper V3s+ 1600Wh or Tesla?

    hello if anyone knows how to register motor in gotway tesla app, problem only chinese i need to get the registration code
  14. diegoxxx

    Gotway “solves” issues.....

    Do you have a new foam shell as in the picture?
  15. diegoxxx

    GOWAY Tesla: Teardown Video

    thank you for the long and cool message, high speed 40+ should not be a problem