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  1. powiedz mi, czy szorujesz ziemię pedałami ACM twists
  2. yes it is, a project from Poland 1845 and that's what my friend said alfa
  3. hello, everyone ... I would like to tell you all .. I am using 100v Gotway for 2 months and I feel safety and speed, there is no problem for me to do more, and I think that the 100v wheels are the best .. my wheel is a modified Nikola lamp, bigger battery ... I think that after modifications in the authorized service, I can be sure, a wheel done professionally
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1098582130337563/permalink/1111606179035158/ Look at the information posted recently by Authorized GotWay Service EUCservice https://www.facebook.com/groups/1098582130337563/permalink/1111606179035158/
  5. We need to improve the parameters 2000w motor 4000 peak 1845wh we do modifications
  6. soon I will contact ewheels we will send to USA. we need time. customs tax payment is a problem, we will want to do for America and, for all of you, all best. We have to talk to Jason, poland would like to give you in America, all updates , in gotway, we want to use the fastest wheels we love speed and Gotway we love updates in wheels, and we are a professional service
  7. That's right, I'm a friend from Daniel Cat's website and we have interesting offers and upgrades
  8. https://eucservice.com/pl/ we are making an upgrade and discounts if you want to write to me
  9. me speed I will make modifications if you would like it https://eucservice.com/pl/gotway-msuper-x/60-gotway-msuper-x-msx-1600wh-84v.html
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