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  1. Hi everyone!, finally the seller sent the spare motor as he promissed and thanks to the work of the technician wheel now no longer makes any strange noise as before. It demonstrated that the wheel had sent was defective and have a motor issue.and not the inflation valve hitting the shell as said over and again the seller. this bad experience has helped me to learn something more about the differences in how business is done in China and also know that if you are unlucky as I had, get ready because you'll have a big problem. Two important things that have helped me in my case: First: always must keep all documentation, manual, box, tags and documentation of the shipping company. the seller asked me pictures of all these things. I guess he thought he had thrown some of the documents or the box and this could help him to avoid the dispute and make it more difficult to show that this was his wheel as insinuated in the dispute that I had broken the motor (within 24 hours of receiving the unit at my home) Second: record a video before you start opening the box when receive it and take pictures of serial numbers and if possible record a video of the first tours with the wheel, so if you had a problem,you will have the proof to show the seller. summarizing my unit cost rather more than desired. Technician time price plus taxes and customs to receive the new engine, but finally my unit works properly. The wheel was purchased to seller who has more orders on aliexpress but some other offered me something cheaper. thanks everyone for the support and suggestions!
  2. HI eveyone! Finally today seller told me he will send a new motor.First he commented me in the order message center, then he promised me in the dispute window. Do I trust the seller if he has written it in the window of disputes? He now asks me to close the dispute. I expect that the new engine reaches me first, check it if it works right and then cancel the dispute? or if he has written it in the window of dispute is enough to trust him?
  3. Finally I opened dispute as some members recomended me because noise is still there and seller insist noise is the inflation valve hitting the case. I told him noise is not valve hitting,is coming from inside the wheel. He said ok, open it and show me that this noise is not the valve hitting, then I recorded the video that I upload few posts before to demonstrate seller that issue is coming from inside wheel. At the time of opening the dispute the seller has accused me of lying. He says that I have broken the motor, when I never said or known that the fault is in the motor. I just said that the noise was coming from the inside and not the valve of inflation hitting the case as insisted once again the seller. If seller offers me a new motor, and I do not know if the fault is the motor, he's admitting that my wheel motor has a problem, don't you think? I don't want money from the seller, I just want a wheel that works fine.. every day I am more angry and disappointed. I hope that the seller understands that is wrong and that his wheel have a problem that must be resolved if he wants to continue maintanting his good post sale service. at this point, what you think should do now?
  4. Hi, thanks everyone for all suggestions at this time wheel is in a technical service. Techician told me that the problem is inside motor. I told seller and he offered to send a new motor and a trolley bar for compensate the mistake. do you think that is enough?i think is not enough, technician time is really expensive. i have opened a dispute in aliexpress explaining this serious problem and added the video as a proff. Now waiting his reply I will tell you news asap
  5. Hi thanks everyone again. do you think that there is any more strong evidence that this ? If no shell no hitting.
  6. I am desperate and frustrated. And if I had continued riding the wheel and I have a serious accident ? Who is responsible ? The seller is losing its good reputation, his only answer is to remove pressure and so will be solved . Ah !this is another great response from the seller "new tires and the ground friction sound,riding for a while there will be no sound" Maybe he think I'm stupid. I'm really sure this is the problem: The high demand in Europe and USA for buying EUC. Chinese manufacturers build them fast and poorly finished to sell and ship all orders on time.and also they do not test them before sending.If you are lucky maybe you will receive a well finished product, if not you will have a very big problem and be really upset. I told my problem to other users of EUC in Spain and thinks the same,the noise comes from inside and it coluld be anything.... What would you do if you happen to you ? should I open a dispute in aliexpress ASAP?? All ideas are welcome Thanks to all
  7. Hi, - any change at this moment.I'm sure The valve is not hitting the case. The problem is inside the wheel and noise comes from inside.But seller just say the problem is from the valve position and tire pressure. Ok,now I have a big problem with my new wheel, but seller have big problem too. Obviously I'm very angry and my anger grows with the answers from the seller . I try the methods that seller suggest to solve the problem. look the video. What do you think I have to do now?
  8. Hi there, thank you all for the suggestions. the seller told me that the problem is that the tire pressure is very high and maybe the inflation valve touches the shell.pero when my wheel came home I had to put more pressure on it to ride well. wheel wobble? Maybe, but I'm not sure, mostly because I'm beginner. I'll tell you .... I will try first down pressure as the seller tells me to see if noise disappears. But i don't think this solve the problem.
  9. Hi everyone, this is the youtube link to the short video with the noise Any suggestions or help is welcome ?
  10. Hi Vanquiz, the valve hitting is not the problem because I can see the valve in the outside part of the case and the noise remain. I think the video link does'nt work well, I will try to upload to youtube or Vimeo and put the link here. Then you will see and listen perfectly the noise. Apologize for my poor english
  11. Hi to everyone!,? I am new to this forum and I have been interested in the EUC by a good friend who has a ninebot and I could try it. I liked it so much and decided to buy one unit.Searching for more information about euc I found this awesome forum with lots of users that cooperate from all over the world. After reading many posts of many models, I decided on a Gotway MCM4 260w version. I've received Friday, March 4,the wheel is very nice and has a nice design.in saturday 5th was very excited to ride it. But in a few minutes I could see that something was wrong. a strange noise is constantly repeated by turning the wheel just with my hand, as a kind of "clek clek" which is much more intense when I'm on the wheel. I am very worried !!! The wheel is completely new !!! ??? I sent the video to the seller and I'm waiting his answer. I can not know where the noise is coming because it is inside the case. I leave the video I recorded for you to listen and see if someone can help me and tell me what can be that fu***ng noise!!!.?? Thank you very much to all in advance and if I can work with my short experience will be a pleasure to help. Greetings from Barcelona! IMG_0154.MOV
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