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  1. @Frankman, we will upload some videos in March. We're in the middle of winter in Montreal right now so can't really do much outside...
  2. You can have the same faceplant with a normal EUC. Although with a handle, you can use your hands to stabilize the device and quickly put your feet on the floor without worrying about the device falling...
  3. I'll share my point of view on these things and the reason i think they could be interesting. I live in Montreal, Canada and because of the long winters we have here, the gov decided to help people enjoy the summer as much as possible. Because of that, we have hundreds of km of bike paths that go through downtown, the old city, the suburbs and outside the city. If you want to venture outside the city, there are "pitstops" created for people to either take a break or enjoy a picnic. These places have running water, electricity, bathrooms. So for someone that would like to visit the
  4. The "self-balancing" technology is the same. Essentially these are just oversized EUCs with a saddle. The Chinese are not the first to make this. It was actually first designed in the States but the original model is almost double the weight, half th speed and half the mileage (if you rely on the specs from the manufacturer). Also, double the price (original design at 5300+ USD)
  5. They're produced in China so for now i can't get you the information since pretty much all of China is closed for their Spring Festival/New Year. I know on two of these models, the batteries are Samsung but not sure what the amp limits are. As soon as the manufacturer is back, i can get all the info.
  6. This is exactly why I asked for your opinions. Since it's a new product, I want to get all the info and get back to the manufacturer for more details or to see if they can improve these models. @Chriull, I know you initially said you're not interested in these, but you have to admit, the idea seems pretty good, especially if the manufacturer will end up improving their product.
  7. The pics are actually from the manufacturer but soon we'll have real non-photoshopped or improved pics. Here's the specs. The order is the same as the pics: Q3 - 1499.99$ USD: Tire Size: 17 inchBattery: Samsung Lithium-ionFrame: Aluminium alloyMotor: 500W BrushlessVoltage: 48VCurrent: 6.5AMax. Climbing: 30 ┬░Charge time: 1.5HMileage: 30KMMax speed: 35KM/HMax. Load: 130KGColors available: Black, Orange Q4 - 1499.99$ USD: Tire Size: 23 inchBattery: LG Lithium-ionFrame: Aluminium alloy+PCMotor: 800W BrushlessVoltage: 48VCurrent: 6.5AMax. Climbing: 30 ┬░Charge time:
  8. Hey guys, I already posted these in the private sales, but this topic has nothing to do with sales. I just want your honest opinion. Take a look at the below pics and let me know what you think of these models. Would you like these more than the current unicycles? Do you have any questions in particular? Would you be interested in one? Anything you can think of, please ask away. Thanks.
  9. I noticed some of you talking about taking your unicycles off-road. Those wheels might be too small but these babies shouldn't be a problem. The concept is the same but the manufacturer added some features that might make this the next best thing. Increased power, more mileage and more speed. And just like their small counterparts, no licence required. Prices are a bit steeper but they are worth it. If you guys want to check them out, especially the full specs, you can go on the website: http://www.ezee-ryders.com (keep in mind prices are Canadian). Otherwise, they are already for sale on ebay
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