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    King song 18"

    купила этот человек -он живет 30 км от меня, и в следующие выходные я хочу добраться до него , протеста. В дискуссии на российском форуме. вы можете использовать Google переводчик http://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=29428.msg720741#msg720741
  2. Dmitry71

    King song 18"

    the motor 1200W at KS exists one my companion received KS18-680-1200W today
  3. One Russian guy made itself a parking stand for a wheel of a door steel hinges. DIY. Cost 2$
  4. I understand that bugs in the application, I'm not stupid. but why do I need a wheel which tilback at 16 km/h if I can't change it? The application works with errors that it cannot connect to the wheel. I have a new app but it opens a menu to pair with the wheel only in Chinese for some reason menu in the upper-left corner does not open until the phone goes into the Chinese regime, all other items are working in English, try it yourself. when click on menu in the upper left corner, an error occurs and the app closes emergency, the problem is not resolved. It was tested on 2 devices, I can mak
  5. I had in mind other problems, http://www.kebye.com/content/?164.html why are you silent, the speed of 16 km / h and the problem is not solved yet, why do not you say that APP indicates wrong speed overstating it to 6-9 km / h (actual speed of 12 km / h but APP shows 22 km / h? ) why do not you say that to interface with the wheel APP need to switch your phone to clear me in Chinese instead of English ... who need a wheel at a speed of 16 km / h?
  6. Number 13 in SN show a weeks production, released in 13 week or in march-april 2015
  7. In the application instructions for disassembling, but in Russian 2015-08-13 Последовательность разборки уницикла KS-14C-222.pdf
  8. Владимир, приглашал Вас в личном сообщении, но видимо Вы или не захотели или не прочитали) Приглашаю вас на российский форум моноколес, там даже есть специальная тема по KS, возможно вы могли бы дать новую информацию соотечественникам. http://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=29428.0
  9. Hi all, you need to buy in any store of spare parts for trucks here such http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/181384781927 valve extension and that it was possible to pump up the tire on the road, that's such an electric pump http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32362955273.html l's video http://youtu.be/01mIa_UAfV8
  10. You can write to TinaShe is very responsive Shenzhen King Song Sports Equipment Co. Ltd Tel:+86 755-28197258 Fax:+86 755-28094445 Mobile:+86 150 1369 3941 Email:tina@szkingsong.com Skype: tina.kingsongWebsite:www.szkingsong.comWebsite:www.szkingsong.com
  11. What you have other ideas ?
  12. On Russian forums We are trying to find a pattern collected a database: The serial number Model C + N2OCA1507A0256 E N1OEA1452A1579 E N1OEA1506A2405 E N1OEA1507A3184 E N1OEA1507A3186 E N1OEA1507A3332 E N1OEA1507A3347 E + N1OEA1512A6552 E + N1OEA1512A7167 What conclusions can we do? The fourth character uniquely identifies a generation of "C" or "E" Premise 1: If E and the eleventh generation of a symbol of "3", the model of E + Assumption 2: If E and generation of the eleventh character "6" or more, the model of E + Assumption 3: If the generation of symbols E and 6-9 more, "
  13. Sorry for my english, on the box must be label E+ and the battery inside the unicycle -320Wh, on the box model E -no stickers, just written- model E
  14. in my opinion and reviews of Kevin Lee, they are the same as GW power and speed http://youtu.be/k6hRbtV8wGg
  15. source - the letter on an e-mail address from Tina Shenzhen King Song Sports Equipment Co. Ltd Tel:+86 755-28197258 Fax:+86 755-28094445 Mobile:+86 150 1369 3941 Email:tina@szkingsong.com Skype: tina.kingsong Website:www.szkingsong.com
  16. they have 2 models of 14 " with three kinds of batteries [/u RL] all questions to the manufacturer 's website and those who serve , these characteristics Tina sent me on March 30
  17. the first video does not look like the new 14 "wheel from KingSong, more like a body CXM a3
  18. You can also use protective rubber strips? replacement batteries, in my opinion are very convenient, it does not do very much heavy wheel, and at long distances or long ride can be just a second battery to carry around, such as a backpack, plus their motor like in gw, 500w, there are speakers for music by bt, as well as an application for your phone that allows you to change modes ... I do not advertise, I'm not Chinese, I live in Russia, but I liked all of their functions ... as well as the battery capacity perhaps many people do not really like this design, but a lot of options at the wheel
  19. They have a great idea to make a removable battery https://youtu.be/wRpDKd2TbpY
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