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  1. I have the same feeling, even at low speed, and I do not like this
  2. Dmitry71

    V3 Msuper

    V3 Msuper will have the motor 1200W New Msuper - 1200 watts (RMS)The maximum speed of 33-35 km/hWill weigh 15-16 kg
  3. @Gunthor two batteries - one on each side
  4. be careful with shopping), many fakes, but they are cheaper than the original, and go the same way)
  5. I ask to say that the total distance passes V5+ with a 288Wh battery?
  6. https://world.taobao.com/item/527300285868.htm?spm=a312a.7728556.201601086188259.4.KiIfdL&scm=1007.12679.20634.527300285868
  7. Before buying MINI (not PRO), learn whether it will be able to be activated from telephone number of the app out of China. I have information that for the termination of sales abroad of cheap MINI for overseas, they have turned off function of activation of the scooter from foreign telephone numbers for the scooters made since March 20
  8. since March 20 all Ninebot Mini bought for the Chinese market can be activated only from telephone numbers of China, it is trouble. They want that all bought only PRO but another problems is that Xiaomi Mini should be activated only by Chinese phone No. And each Chinese phone No. only can activate three pcs vehicle
  9. please help those who knows, I want to buy Xiaomi Mini (not PRO). Where can I buy spare parts in case of breakage?
  10. New Ninebot One called MarkII (Chinese version called A1)
  11. weak (350W) wheel is easy to push with your hands, so check cheat manufacturers to motor power or not, and it is indirectly possible to judge the quality of the wheels and the convenience of drive
  12. it is a very weak wheel, it is easily pressed through the hands, and feet and even more on video from 1:00
  13. Why can't you specify exactly rated power of motor?
  14. https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/gotway/id1059726417?mt=8 App for Apple for MCM4, 4HS - maybe and for ACM also
  15. they will be available in March
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