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  1. 36 minutes ago, KingSong69 said:

    I think it is ...ugly as hell....from what i see until now....

    What are those pedals? no rubber, no sandpaper? two beepers?

    If there is a "sliding"handel on the other side....no space for more batteries?

    looks like 2-3year old model (until now)....especially when i compare it to the inside looking of a 14D.

    in the first - is a prototype, pedals won't remain such bare. this photo gives an idea of form and content new 14"  gotway. 
    in the second -- extensible handle isn't a hindrance to the battery, the controller it is visible that it is set on top

    unfortunately, I have no other information ((
    it is the photo from the Russian guy who was a few days ago in gotway

  2. The problem was deeper than it seemed. In case of failure (burned) of the controller, its activation requires the code that sends the factory of the company inmotion. But in case of breakage of the wheel, not purchased from an authorized dealer, factory inmotion refuses to send the code

  3. 6 hours ago, koto said:

    I'll receive my ACM very soon, probably this week. I'm in France. How can I know if I'll have the new heat sink ?

    new heatsink began to put from the 6 May, it is unlikely that you wheel released after this date

  4. 6 hours ago, Philfree said:

    Normaly mcm3 and mcm4 has the same mainboard, the mcm4 apply for iphone should work with your wheel.

    The android version of the mcm4 apply works perfectly with my mcm3.

    what мсм3 and мсм4 have the same controllers is a mistake. here is a picture of мсм3 .

    for that, that at you has earned the application for MCM4, you have bluetooth module as in MCM4 and all


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