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  1. http://www.ochevidets.ru/rolik/99551/ It's kind of funny looking at other people, when they see me rolling on snow and ice. Older people usually just stop and look at me in disbelief, probably thinking something like "WTF is going on?". Younger folks sometimes mention something like "He surely must have snow chains". Children with parents just start shouting "I want it too, I want it too !"
  2. Yes, it could take some time, but keep in mind that new technologies are being developed faster than before. First DARPA Grand Challenge was in 2004, nowadays - 12 years later - self-driving cars can navigate in urban traffic with accident rate a few orders of magnitude lower than average human driven car.
  3. @WakefulTraveller Have you been in the army? I've not, but it seems to me, that some EUC features mentioned as advantages are actually disadvantages. - More height also means less cover, easier to target. - patrols more swift and effective - Are soldiers still patrolling these days? Surveillance technology(cameras and other sensors), patrol robots, UAVs will do much better job than soldier, and also probably cheaper. - free to aim their weapon while moving forward? I'd love to see that Army is already developing other technologies, which suits their needs better than EUC, namely Powered exoskeleton.
  4. mich

    MCM4 Alarm settings

    That's my settings too, to configure it you need to select - Pedal Tilt-back Speed Setting - turns off the tilt-back - Close Second Alarm - Audio alarm will sound only when you exceed 30 km/h, you should be very careful going any faster, because after you exceed 40 km/h, engine will turn itself off .
  5. Programmable charger, that's great idea. To minimize battery wear-out, I'm charging battery in evening to about 50%, the rest of charging happens in the morning (to about 90%). It would be very useful, if charger could handle that automatically. Let's say I want to leave at 7:30, the programmable charger would start charging at 5:30 ...
  6. The fast charging voltage graph (brown) looks rather fishy. From 60 to 120 min voltage remains capped at 60V, even though batteries are being charged with 5Amps. How it that possible?
  7. Not necessarily. A few years ago, PC power supplies delivered 200W with AC to DC conversion efficiency 70-80%, equipped with fan. Nowadays 300-400W PSU are more common, and some of them are even fanless due to 90-95% efficiency. There are a quite a few EUs with similarly powerful motor as KS16 (800W), at least according to spec, none of them, as far as I know, has fan built in. Therefore I think it's a valid question, whether the fan inside KS16 is improvement over older models, which should lower temperatures during hot summer days, or whether it's a cost cutting measure used to compensate for lower quality electronic and smaller heatsinks.
  8. It's not really fair to compare efficiency of Electric Wheel with Metabolic Efficiency, because it omits the inefficient part electric energy generation - the power plant. Efficiency of power plants is somewhere between 30%-40%.
  9. Cooling fan is not a good idea for EUC. It implies substandard control board, which burns a lot of power, I'd prefer power to be burned by motor. It's also probably the reason, why KS16 is not waterproof (no IP rating).
  10. @LaRoueDeSecours If Gotway uses the same communication protocol for ACM16, my App should work with it. I've uploaded new version with a few changes setting moved to preferences tab, last wheel settings configured (mode, tiltback speed, audio alarm) remain displayed vibration patterns updated (1 sec apart) basic data recording (to CSV file) Anyway, it's still work in progress, it's going to take a few days to add graphs presenting recorded data, Android development is new to me and I've a lot to learn.
  11. mich

    New 16" GOTWAY ACM

    IMHO better reference is MCM4 with 800W motor, top speed 40 km/h. With almost double power and only minor increase in top speed, torque of ACM should be at least 60% higher. I'm quite satisfied with torque of MCM4 HS, I've not yet experienced cutoff due to insufficient torque.
  12. Do you have any tips what could be used as a troley/handle, which can be easily detached? I've found http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/1929-clip-on-handle-for-lhotz , but it seems to be little bit too short, according to Ebay, Flex Mount for Gopro only 20 cm long. I don't want permanently attached handle, because it most likely broke off fairly quickly. Thanks!
  13. Even if you look at the labels on battery pack, you cannot be sure, that label actually matches the content. It's well known fact, that fake batteries are manufactured in China on a large scale. I've tried to estimate battery capacity by the time needed to charge battery. It took 2 hours 35 mins to increase battery charge from 30%(57.75V) to 90%(65.75) with 120W charger. Time to charge the battery from 0-100% is 2.58/0.6=4.3 hours. Energy supplied by charger 120W*4.3h =517Wh . That's quite a bit lower than declared battery capacity 680Wh.
  14. Right, max speed in specification should be more accurately titled as Faceplant speed .
  15. You can get step down converters on ebay, though I'm not sure if they fit inside EUC. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-DC-24V-36V-48V-60V-72V-Down-To-12V-Converter-for-Electric-Vehi-OK-/272150532644 http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-24V-36V-48V-60V-64V-72V-To-12V-10A-Converter-For-Storage-Battery-Car-Auto-/361144998249
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