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  1. Thanks for the comments Musk. That is a problem i didnt anticipate. So you didnt have any issues with the Pellets? I might still try it anyways, i had a voltage drop shut down on me and face planted so hard, i think i may have broken my palm. So im would like to get a better sense as to what the wheel can and cant do as far as speed. The IPS has pretty quiet beeping, and i had one headphone piece in, and didnt even hear it at the time.
  2. Lex, I have had the exact same experience as you with my LHOTZ. I had one cut out before i even know what they were.. pushing my speed up a hills. Since then i have had no issues as i listen to the beeps and am cautious now. I think its a great wheel that i would highly recommend, however my biggest complaint is the torque or speed it changes directions. Its near impossible to stay upright riding forwards and backwards because you literally have to balance that wheel with no power while leaning in a direction and hoping it catches up. I have had to learn to just push on my heels or toes and bend my knees in the opposite direction to avoid falling. No chance to go back and forth just idling at a cross walk though. I have seen videos on the 9bot and it looks so much smoother. However, i was excited to see what the new ACH 16 inch wheel from GOTWAY looked like, and watching some guys demo it out of Paris.. it seemed like it might slightly have that issue as well. I would be curious to know if anyone has any recommendations for wheels without that issue other than 9bot. The top speed on that EUC is just too slow for me. Otherwise i would have seriously tried to get that wheel already.
  3. Hi, I was curious to know if anyone had any experience riding on artificial turf such as a football field. I was considering going out to the field near my house and doing some speed tests and figured that would be a relatively soft surface to fall on and could better understand the limits of my wheel without eating concrete. However, i was a bit concerned with the construction of the turf as it is filled with rubber granules. I dont know a lot about what goes on inside the wheel, but the last thing i want is for the wheel to get clogged or damaged from these pellets flying up inside of it. Here is a link to a site showing sort of what these rubber granules look like. http://www.arturf.com/accessories/artificial-grass-infill-rubber-granules/
  4. Hi, Kevin & esaj, i was wondering if one of you guys could help me out. I recently aquired the LHOTZ 191, and for some reason i was unable to connect to the Iamips app from the manufacturer. I have a Nexus 6 and i am not sure if that is the issue. I had a friend of mine who was able to find the wheel and connect with the IamIps app on his Galaxy Note 5. I did find the unlocked Android app, and that was working for me. However, i have a serious issue in that now every time i open that app and select connect it crashes instantly. This just started happening 2 days ago. But the larger issue is i was letting my son ride the wheel and dialed the speed back to 12 kmh and now i cant get any app to change it. Let me know if you might have any insight on why i cant connect to the Factory app or why this app might be crashing now. Also i am running Android 6.0.1 Also just messing around on my phone i tried to connect to the wheel through the Bluetooth settings, and every time i try that my phone says "pairing rejected by Lhotz" the version of the app i was using is linked below. thanks in advance for any help. ips_1109_unlocked.apk http://forum.electricunicycle.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3505
  5. I have the IPS 191.. And i use the app that Kevin and another member of this forum developed. That app unlocks the higher speed before the 100km riding.. But also let's you turn off the beeps completely. I'm a bit apprehensive of riding super fast and I have gotten thrown twice. One time I had headphones on and didnt heard the beeps and went full speed into a incline and i suppose that was a voltage drop, and it shut down on me. The second time I tried to push too fast and turned my front pedals into the ground. I am fairly large though 6-3 230lbs. So others might not have that issue. Aside from figuring out a safe top speed I love the uni. One other complaint I might have is I don't feel like it brakes fast enough and goes into reverse. There is a lag if I try and slow and then rude backwards before it gives power.. Which makes a second of awkward balance. Again that might be an issue because of my size. Lastly, pad the insides of your shins against the top red strip.. That gets a little hard on the inside of your legs but a small inconvenience in my opinion. All said it's a great machine.
  6. apeekachu Thats awesome to hear your story of learning to ride. I just got a a IPS LHOTZ and have had similar experience, having to ditch the training wheels, and trying to push the speed getting launched with road rash on my right elbow and left hand. I had to laugh at that. I have taken my through SF and it has really done well going through the hills in Hayes valley area. I know there are much steeper hills such as russian hill, pac heights area. Have you tried any of those? I would be curious to know how these things perform on steep hills. Also i am a pretty big guy too, 6-3 230... and mine has taken me up and down with very little issue. It is definitely a head turner when you blow by people struggling to walk up hills. I have also had mine down a lot on the embarcadero area later at night and its a lot of fun riding through SF.
  7. McDude

    Firmware Update

    i recently purchased IPS191 i downloaded the iamips app and would not connect to my phone. No devices would show up after multiple refreshes. When i tried to go to my phone settings and connect to Bluetooth that way, It would tell me something along the lines of "connection rejected by Lhotz". It might have something to do with my phone, i am using a Nexus 6. A friend of mine uses a Galaxy Note 5 and he was able to see the device listed and connect. I decided to give Kevin's app a try since i was having no luck. Turns out the IPS app didnt work, but Kevins did.... So thanks a lot Kevin, i appreciate you putting that out. Also it was cool because i got to unlock the additional speed. Riding at the additional speed felt a little loser at low speeds, not quite as responsive in my opinion. I wanted to push this thing and see how fast i could go. I had a similar experience as another poster, in that it started beeping about 22kph. and i wasn't really able to push it past 24kph without getting a little lean back. I was determined to try and see this additional speed so i pushed harder, and it couldn't keep up. The scooter tilted all the way forward and the pedals scraped the ground and launched me forward. Fortunately, i was able to run out of it, and not be hurt, but i had to ditch the strap so the scooter took a pretty big scrape. Has anyone had any experience riding at higher speeds on this. I believe i did encounter a BMS shutdown an another occasion a couple days ago. i was traveling at a high speed and then tried to ride up a steep slope. That time i wasnt able to run out of it, so im a little reluctant to ride fast as i had one good bail, and one near miss. What speed will this thing turn off at? or what amount of beeping should i take seriously? Im debating on going to a turf football field and testing this out, i would imagine that would provide enough traction for high speeds, and still be much softer than falling on concrete. thanks for any feedback.
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