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    The protection is very helpful, learning the hard way hurts, hurts quite a lot actually. I progressed my personnel protection as I fell off. I have gloves like skate gloves, the wrists can take quite a bit of force when things go peter tong Keep the protection, look like an idiot what the heck. ;-) Jer I am in the UK also, we are still in Europe as well
  2. Not yet. Only thing to do is physically disconnect. It did not start working properly after re-powering up. ie still not switching off on power switch. Re-calibrating did not work out so good as you have to switch the machine off during this process. After some hours the thing starts to beep like there is no tomorrow so has to be physically disconnected. It didn't really have a noticeable impact on battery level overnight, but it did start beaping continuously. Jer
  3. Thanks The wheel itself is working fine. Maybe a hard reset, by disconnecting the power will do the trick. Jere
  4. Anyone had this. The thing has stopped switching off, the on off switch cycles the lights from off to on and then flashing as per normal it also makes the normal beeping noise. Therefore I think the switch itself is fine it just doesn't turn off. The machine just won't switch off. Anyone had this? Is there I timeout after which it will turn off when left on side... Does the thing switch off completely when the voltage drops to a certain point. Should I take it apart and physically disconnect the batteries. Thanks to anyone who has any advice. Jer
  5. http://www.wiggle.co.uk/lezyne-macro-drive-duo/ I use one of these on my helmet. Rear light is bright as well Even good enough off road Jer
  6. Mine comes in at 800 to 820 mm to the bottom of the handle. Jer
  7. I'm on the side of the driver. You were going the wrong way for that part of the road. If you are going on the road it should be with the flow of traffic. There is more time for the driver to pick you up and it is kind of what a driver would expect. He knows which side to pass on etc. If things go wrong the closing speed is less and there is more possibility for avoiding action. If you see a vehicle coming at you on your side of the road there are more computations to be done. Like what the f.. is that thing doing, coming towards me, which way do I go. I
  8. With the paper trail Gotway should be in a position to respond, so a little crazy why they don't. They could say hell that's the wrong account or whatever One of the reasons I got a Gotway was they were/are quite active here. I hope they can resolve this as they are do have a bonafide product. Jer I assume you phoned them at the right time of day and they are not in national holidays.
  9. Have you tried ringing them, or finding someone who speaks chinese to ring them on your behalf. Is there some slight of hand meaning that the money has ended up in an account which is not Gotway's, but someone who appears to work for Gotway. Gotway do seem to be less active on this forum for the last few weeks, which maybe is a sign of other problems I hope you are able to sort the problem out. Jer
  10. Don't get me wrong, I am in awe of Mr Rad and his contributions to EUC's. Jer
  11. I think when you come to hill you instinctively apply more pressure, for me that is leaning in, to get more oomph to get up the incline, if the incline or lump is too steep then it tilts forward. I don't know for sure but I assume the amount of power applied is proportional to the angle from horizontal anyway. The response to a small change in angle may be quite large (if the control is set to hard) , but if it didn't do this then speed control would not be possible. The other thing is when you go up a hill things progress perhaps gently compared to hitting say grass. When I hit gras
  12. I don't think Mr Rad is right on this one. If the gyro loses doesn't know where it is, a bit of tilt forward is going to be the least of our problems, gyros suffering from vibrations go completely mental (random). The wheel has to see a deviation from where it thinks it should be before it can respond to try and restore the status quo.
  13. Electric unicycles are a bit yesterday in the UK, everyone has seen them , so you don't get a response. It's like normal, until you get arrested, or your wheel impounded of course. Jer
  14. I would say that whenever the system needs more energy you will tilt forward, the machine then says O shit we need a little more energy to keep the fat bastard up and the wheel will respond. So when you change direction energy is lost, the wheel tilts forward and then compensates by giving it a bit more welly. The same applies when you hit rough ground, suddenly the wheel needs more energy to keep you upright, there has to be a deviation for it to respond to. It gives you those will it won't it moments, ie if the terrain is too rough you continue going forward and have to run off as the
  15. Took a look at my connectors on my V3,and they seemed to be pretty secure, plenty of solder. The other end crimped and withstood a good tug. I have confidence in the connections on on my machine so I will leave them as is. However I would still recommend everyone to check theirs as this could hurt an awful lot and has the potential to be even worse, if it happens at the wrong place and time. Jer
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