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  1. If you're willing to ship to Canada I'll buy it!
  2. Hey there! Could be interested... Can you do a price inc shipping to Nelson BC? Cheers!
  3. Mine has blown itself up - does anyone have one they could sell to me? Based in the UK.
  4. Hey Adelaidians! I'm coming to town for the Fringe and would love a wheel as a getaround. Does anyone want to lend / rent / sell me one for the month? I'm based in the UK where I have been rosy ing for about 4 years now - EUC is my daily vehicle, I'm a very confident and safe rid. Would happily pay a deposit if required. Dave(at) FlameOz[dot] com
  5. They didn't take our details and neither did the bike cop. I can't give you a definitive on how the databases work or if they'll even bother to enter that stuff in... The cop stopped me coming up the Blackfriars Bridge from the Embankment Bike Path... I was probably on the pavement. I've passed dozens of police since, they've not even blinked. I keep riding.
  6. Yeah we got stopped in Hyde Park for the same reason. No stress... "Thanks for letting me know Officer - I won't do that again!" and walked around the corner. Then got back on and byeeeee! Most cops don't; know the law, some do. It is a risk, but you knew that when you bought it. I've done loads of riding in Bristol and London and it's not been a problem so far - with exception of one time abike cop stopped me and told me I'll get in trouble later on ("when we're cracking down on them"). I say keep riding. Be safe, responsible, not too fast. Don't make people jump out of the way of you etc... you'll be ok.
  7. HI there, I have a Ninebot One E+ that has yellow flashing lights. It doesn't self balance. It does connect to the app - but I cannot calibrate it - it fails to lock. Any ideas what's up?
  8. Ooh I don't know what the dancers did afterwards...
  9. Happy to be able to speak with authority here... The final rider who places the board "on the screen" is my business partner - wee run a circus company (FlameOz.com if you're interested) - I was unable to attend the audition so I passed it to him. We've both been riding for a couple of years now! The other riders were dancers/commercial dancers who had been given a couple of weeks to learn how to ride by the choreographer. Can't say who supplied the wheels, but they didn't give them away at the end of the shoot... (damn ;P)
  10. As above, looking for a Ninebot E+ motherboard. Anyone selling? Knoxdave(at) yahoo(dot) com
  11. Anyone know anywhere in the UK you can buy the metal stand singly and not in lots of 10 as on Banggood? Cheers!
  12. Knoxious

    IPS Zero Tyre change

    Hi there, I got one from eWheels in London and eventually squeezed the right one out of Tony of IPS. I bought from Tony @ IPS. The wheel is ok
  13. Had my first police stop on Saturday in central London. I was cruising along the bike path on Embankment, went up to Balckfirars Bridge and a motorbike cop pulled up and stopped me. He said: *EUC is a motor vehicle in the eyes of the law. *I will need insurance to ride it. *London Met are not cracking down on these at the moment, but they will soon. *"It's a shame as you look really good at it." Real bum, though happy to have got away with it!
  14. Knoxious

    IPS Zero Tyre change

    ...and after a small exchange he's sent me the right one. But the wheel definitely feels "looser" after my tinkering. Has anyone else opened their Zero and seen the 2 tiny rectangular pieces of metal in the central hub nut to stop the whole pedal assembly from moving? What a bodge finish! Still, love it...
  15. Knoxious

    IPS Zero Tyre change

    This job is a fucking nightmare! Then, just when you think it's done..>Tony from IPS has sent me an innertube with the wrong valve. ffs.
  16. Actually finding it hard to get a 14" x 2.125 inntetube with a bent schrader valve.... I've done all the ebaying. I can find stuff that's close... Does it need to be *exactly* 2.125? or can I do a little smaller? or does anyone have a link they can post of where to buy?
  17. Amazing! Thanks Jonathan!
  18. Hey, So, I have 180 turns into backward pretty confidently. I can ride 1 footed on my right foot and turn left. I have trouble turning right, but i figure this will come in time. I'd quite like to learn how to pirouette continuously - anyone got any tips or videos they can point me to for learning?
  19. Yeah, noted the bent valve thing. Easy to find online. OK... so IPS Zero breakdown thread on this site?
  20. Hey so I made a pretty major boo boo today! I was going to pump some air into my tyre, I had the little brass valve extender on when I turned the wheel over and accidentally turned it on! Of course, the wheel spun like crazy with the valve extender still on it :/ I seem to have torn the tyre where the valve joins rubber. But this rubber doesn't seem to be part of the tyre itself, but an inner rubber ring? So, did I need a new tyre, or is it another bit that I need... any ideas where to get? Need pics?
  21. THey're rubbish... I bought some via Kickstarter (or Indigogo, can;t remember) Trekz Titanium... we'll they're great for hearing all around you, but the sound quality is terrible. I have some Earins - Bluetooth earbuds...much better - no cables and you can just stick one in and it's fine.
  22. Hello people, Anyone know where i can get a replacement ninebot handle? Preferably in the UK? Thanks! Dave
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