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  1. Milan


    My 6yo kid riding AirWheel X8
  2. My instruction manual says first EUC, then wall.. Sometimes, I walk. With my backpack. And a charger inside.
  3. Exactly how I was thinking. Now, my charger is in my backpack all the time. Even when I am not with wheel, my charger is in backpack. Logically, charger goes with EUC. Your idea of retractable cable is nice, so even cable will be included... My charger does not have ventilation holes, and it does not overheat. In all this charger-in-shell thing, I am thinking also to take the charger out of its box, and put just electronic part inside the EUC. I am not sure if I have to provide switch to disconnect charger electronics from EUC electronics while it is in driving mode. .
  4. Hello, I am thinking of putting charger inside the shell. Is it good or bad idea? Why not?
  5. Welcome Puntofato, I am also thinking of putting two batteries in parallel inside the shell. I am not sure if they fit. It will add 1 kg in it's weight. What EUC do you have? Mine is AirWheel X8. From where did you order your battery pack? What is the price? How did you pay (regarding capital control)?
  6. There is somebody else with EUC in Nea Smyrni? I have never seen anybody else. Maybe your friend saw me? If it is me - I am not 'displaying' - I just ride to bakery, or supermarket, or returning from job... I have bought mine in September 2014 - so now it is 1.5 year. My estimation is that I rode it for ~3000 km. So, it is normal to expect that battery is degraded by usage. I can still use the wheel, but I have to recharge it every day.
  7. Hello Lefteri, Yes, I speak the language, but prefer to communicate here in English (otherwise esaj would not be able to help me... (Thanx esaj!!!) ) Regarding fun ride - I use EUC to commute. Unfortunately I don't have enough free time (job and family are priorities). I live in Nea Smyrni, if you are near, we can meet in Alsos for a ride - but just on weekend. But, first I have to change the battery - or else our ride will last 15 minutes...
  8. I am AirWheel X8 owner, located in Athens. Using it for daily commute to/from job. Now I am looking for battery change, so if somebody knows how to import battery from China - please help me.
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