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  1. Something to check which I have just noticed not too long ago. In your Gotway app I believe there is a non obvious bug with the hardness settings. Even if you have selected sports mode and the EU beeps to say that sports mode is active and it shows sports mode on your app, in fact has not change to sports mode. Only thing I can suggest is to switch back and forth with the other settings and ride to see if the dip is still there. Also try different ways to exit from the app too once sports mode is active. For example when you have selected sports mode: Exit app by logging out
  2. Maybe visit your local auto hardware store. Should have something that will help fill in the scratches, of course you should sand away the rough edges first to remove jagged material. Pickup some plastic friendly paint too. Won't get you back to the "Just out of the factory" look but will be less of an eyesore.
  3. This intersection rule in the USA really doesn't make sense to me. I understand how it works but it disagrees with my logic on how traffic and pedestrian right of way should work. Nether the less, good that the outcome of this incident was in your favor.
  4. How so? I bought my first EU from this seller. Based in Singapore. The IPS260 I ordered from them got to me a little over 2 weeks.
  5. In terms of the machines themselves they are actually the same product. Both made in the same factory by the same manufacturer. The guts of the machine are the same they have just been re-branded to the needs of the seller. So 132Wh is the most you will get regardless of what re-brand you see. The X3 is the true name of the Model as used in conjunction by Pandora. Most EU companies who first start trading will have the X3 as their base model. X3 is the granddaddy of all EUs and was actually the one which was designed and first put into production by Airwheel. Edit - To clarify,
  6. Shouldn't you be counting mileage rather than time? My old IPS is over two years old but I stopped riding it after the first year as I upgraded to a ACM. The IPS will continue to work I'm guessing until the battery in it dies from degredation. For the moment if I switched it on it will still work.
  7. There was a EU a while back that had said feature. The Dolphin One I believe it was called. You could enter a pin into the accompanying app which disengaged the gyro. You could still switch on the unit, I guess so you could still pair the bluetooth together. Just that it wouldn't balance until you entered your pin on your phone via the app. Unfortunately the wheel itself wasn't very good according to Austin Marhold. Believe the review that he done is still on YouTube somewhere.
  8. Even if you don't have a major accident, minor injuries hurt a lot and will likely leave you with unsightly scars. The amount of injuries I've seen in real life, face book and on these forums of bloody gashes, cuts and bruises to knees, elbows, hands and heads are all pretty nasty. Most of which could have been avoided by padding up. Don't know anyone who doesn't mind loosing skin and flesh.
  9. I experience this too. I just think that the ride mode is too soft, even on sports mode hence the dip forward when at low speeds. to counter the dip forward I have calibrated the wheel to have a slight incline of 3-4 percent which helps a bit but as you say will have a negative effect regarding the lean back at speed.
  10. I always like reading face-planting stories. Not because I take delight in people hurting themselves but because it is a reminder for the rest of us that EU riders should never get too comfortable and over confident. Helps the rest of us to regain a little bit of focus which we may have lost from the last face-plant story and in that I believe will help someone reading this not to get injured because they have gotten a little more vigilant. Glad you were wearing a helmet could have been much worse if you weren't. Maybe a good idea to invest in gloves, elbow / knee pads. Entirely up to
  11. As you have probably read on these forums most people who ride EUs (Guesstimate above 90%) would say that cut-outs are an inevitability. Those that have experienced this and did not face-plant take pride that they managed to run from the failing EU. Having a massive camera strapped to you I would just accept that if a cut out does happen a face-plant is the only option for you. Wearing a helmet would probably be best too. Protect yourself from the ground and also the camera.
  12. If I had a choice between this and walking I think I would rather walk.
  13. Something else which is overlooked is footwear. These are what I currently wear. They are biker boots with molded plastic shields for the outer toe side and shields for the Achilles heel area. Lever strap tightening mechanism so I don't need to deal with shoe laces and Velcro wrap near the ankle area.
  14. Maybe its the culture but in my last visit into China. Cars often beep when passing anything on the road. Not to beep you for the sake of beeping you, but to beep to let you know that they are there and are about to pass you. This might be the case here or it might not.
  15. I'm actually riding an ACM. I've ridden the MSuper 3 and the ACM feels softer. Edit: Additionally I have also tried the MSuper with the higher voltage (The 84v version?) and that one feels even more stiffer.
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