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  1. Thanks for sharing this video. I'm glad you're okay, minus the minor bumps and scrapes. It could have been worse. I'm just curious, why did you disable the tiltback feature on your wheel? I'm seriously considering the getting this model wheel because they implemented the tiltback. Maybe it's because I have a Ninebot and am used to it?
  2. After an hour or two of constant riding your battery is drained some. The more your battery is drained the less responsive your wheel is, so it can't ride that "loose". The real big noticeable change will be around 50% battery life.
  3. Nice list. What about overconfidence? We are our own worst enemy at times. We should know the limit of our skill and the limit of our wheel. Pain is a humbling experience. Learn the basics of riding till it becomes muscle memory. I'm just babbling, so take it with a grain of salt.
  4. I've only had one experience where I had an emergency brake. I was crossing the street at about 12mph and a car was making a left turn into me. I swung my wheel in front of me, pressed hard on the peddles, and hoped for the best. The wheel seemed like it slipped a little (the motor not the tire), which was very uncharacteristic. I was able to stay on my wheel and the car just ended up making a (very) quick U-turn. It happened so fast but, in a way, felt like slow motion. Scared the crap out of me and gave me a reality check. That happened about a month ago. I still think about it. I feel lucky
  5. Can you mount and dismount your wheel without having to grab it with your hands? Do you have to hop on/off your wheel to start/stop? Or can you smoothly push off, like on a skateboard, to start your ride? If you can't smoothly mount and dismount your wheel comfortably with one foot on and one foot off then you need practice that first (IMO). Before you know it you'll be riding with one foot. Now if you want to do tricks then that's a road of self discovery.
  6. I upgraded my firmware from 1.2.2 to 1.2.7. That was about 500 or so miles ago. I enjoy the update. My wheel feels smoother, faster (nothing to boast about), and still performs the same. My riding style is probably like most peoples - pegged at redline, hopping off curbs at speed, aggressive turning in tight spots, and zig zagging instead of going in a straight line. 1.2.7 isn't a ground breaking firmware update but more of a polish. There's something to say about subtle changes. I'm enjoying my wheel more than I did with 1.2.2. that's for sure. Ride safe and breath the fresh air.
  7. Congratulations on your getting your wheel. Glad to read you're enjoying it. Everyone learns at a different pace. Here's a few things that might help you. 1. Learn to mount and dismount your wheel comfortably. This will come become natural in time. 2. Practice controlled figure 8's. This will help balance out your left and right turning. You'll also learn where your weak points are in turning and balancing. Once you get really smooth doing this you'll notice how much easier it is to ride in more crowded areas. 3. Learn to ride slow, like walking speed. It's easy to ride fas
  8. Dude! That's impressive mileage in a short period of time!!! Do you use it on a daily commute?

    1. SerpentineGX


      Yeah, I ride a minimum of 15 miles a day, 5 days a week. I'm usually in the 20-25 miles a day range. 

  9. I have close to 2900 miles on me E+ so far and it's still going strong. The only thing I have replaced so far is the tire, tube, and battery cover. I have new outer shell replacement covers and a handle for when and if any of those break. You should be fine with your wheel for many many miles.
  10. I live out in Riverside. I work in Irvine. You around here?
  11. I was going to wait till next weekend to update to 1.2.7 but was bored at work yesterday and updated. I've only ridden on the updated firmware for about 25 miles or so but there are few changes to note that effected my wheel. Speed According to the app I'm cruising in the high 12mph to low 13mph. I'm also dipping into the low 14mph in some situations. I don't trust that this app is 100% accurate, nor does it really matter. While I check my app from time to time I'm hardly on my phone when commuting. Ride by feel. It feels a smidge faster. The tilt back isn't as aggressive either. Stability My
  12. I've been meaning to get a slim, velcro wallet size, first aid kit to carry in my backpack. I have two backpacks that I switch from. One is a Swiss that is medium in size. It holds: - water bottle - pen - valve extension - small towel/rag - EUC charger - micro usb and lightning cable. One usb wall plug - 18650 battery & vape juice - tablet and/or laptop (when needed) - has room for change of clothes and toiletry bag or small grocery run Two is a Belkin ultra slim laptop backpack. It holds: - water bottle - pen- valve extension- small towel/rag- EUC charger - micro usb and lightning cable.
  13. Since I go my EUC: - I fill up my car with gas every month and a half to two months. I don't pay attention to gas prices anymore. - Constantly thinking of where I can find a charging outlet should I go past "the point of no return". - Google Maps is now bookmarked. - Catered my wardrobe to riding my wheel. - Everything out of my riding radius isn't important, anymore. - Sunscreen suddenly became important. - Getting a new music album gives me a reason to put on the headphones and ride. Hell, a new playlist does the same. - Turn down rides from friends and tell them I'll meet them there (local
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