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  1. @dwallersv How about this, which parts are you particularly interested in? I can do my best to let you know where I sourced them.
  2. Another project collaboration from @Alien Rides and Wraith Rider on my Dualtron 3 scooter. Its definitely fun to see what you can do with these amazing electric beasts. As you have seen the "wraith wheel" you know i tend to go above and beyond what is necessary but thats what makes it fun for me. Please enjoy another awesome video from the one and only @Alien Rides!
  3. Everyone one is different on riding skills and style. Every wheel requires different techniques to to be efficient. Some styles will transition better than others and riding skill plays a large part in this. Its not the wheels fault if you can't ride slow or turn tight. You need to realize that you need to change your technique and possibly adjust the air pressure accordingly with your weight and style of riding.
  4. Great review Marty! I’m even more excited to see your review of the actual production wheel your getting! 1/3 more power could be a game changer all together! Did you by chance hear if there will be any changes to the trolley for the production model?! Rust has been a real issue according to the NYC guys.
  5. No specs but it was confirmed by Nevin from gotway that they were no longer able to get the batteries they have been originally using. I would have to ask Nevin again on the brands as we talked about it on one of our rides. We were not sure what models in the msuper or monster they started changing them but some have suspected it might have contributed a small part in the overheating in the wires or the failed firmware that was updated. What was said and confirmed was they are a cheaper brand. Not that it matters to me but they raised the price of the wheels based absolutely no upgrades.
  6. No offense taken and hoping you guys aren't taking any offense to what I'm saying. We are just debating and its only my opinion. With that said I've argued many times about Gotway even before the ACM came out that they were building wheels too fast and not taking precautions about safety to match the speed. Now, its gotten even horribly worse in that they churned out 10 models in a years time with more speed bigger battery and using even cheaper parts. Even the batteries were changed with out any notification to a cheaper brand. I'm sure most don't even know that. Yet they raised their prices on their wheels? My point to all my comments is that at least ninebot is making a change to further better their wheels as a whole. Not just make them faster with a big battery. Its funny how small companies are usually the ones to use quality over quantity because thats their selling point. In this case its completely opposite. If anyone can say anything about ninebot its me. I've owned 1 E, 2 E+, and a P. Had cutout on E+ and the P on the first day i rode it. Gave up the brand because I didn't have faith in the board on those models. As for the P, at least they discontinued it and it was mentioned to the public they were not going to manufacture them anymore. What has Gotway done? Denied anything was wrong for quite some time, then sent a bandaid in the form of connectors. Yet even after there were still issues. Gotway has done little to improve their wheels in a safety aspect. Did they even test the new firmware before they sent it out to customers? Obviously not because @Marty Backe should never have had his fall along with many others. Damaged brand new wheels and not even offered anything in compensation. I'm sure the flash you guys got was the original firmware that was working. This is coming from someone who has never had an issue with their gotway but as mentioned I redid a lot of things before I took it out and rode it. Ive just witnessed and read too many things going wrong with Gotway wheels lately. Of course ninebot has a lot to prove in this new Z10. I am hoping the board is stable more than anything else. They made steps in all the right directions and you can tell a lot of thought went into the wheel. If you really want Gotway to improve their wheels, you have to stop saying they are so amazing when they are clearly not. Sure you can go far and fast but at the risk of it literally falling apart underneath you? Sorry, no thanks. I will not support the way they sell their wheels. They are more concerned with getting your money, and they are doing a great job of it. I will spend more money on a wheel that they seem to be trying to improve than one that is a sheep in wolfs clothing.
  7. I was just kidding about the loyalist thing guys. Anyways I don't think it will go over 2k for the z10. Doesn't make sense to price it that high. Also @Marty Backe have you seen photos of the Tesla? It's a failed concept of a blend of the old MCM4 and an inmotion. Even the built in handle looks like an after thought. That's no surprise with gotway though. It might have high speed and a larger battery but I wouldnt go near that thing. Why would I want an ugly and possibly unsafe wheel? The acm was an ok design. Why go away from it? I won't be buying from gotway again regardless of how big the battery is. It's not worth having to take the wheel apart and upgrading everything because they can't get it done right the first time. Love my 1600 but only because I reworked the inside and made it a solid wheel while everyone else I know has had trouble keeping it stock. Ninebot/Segway seems to have reworked from the ground up to bring us something better. Honestly there is a limit to battery capacity versus weight. Until companies can adopt new tech on batteries I'm not riding a wheel that's 50+ pounds. @Marty Backe you even know this from experience if you happen to get stranded with it. If you think gotway is better just because of battery size, I'm going to have to say your just a hater on ninebot. Just keeping it real.
  8. @Marty Backe A Gotway loyalist through and through haha. IMO this wheel will change the way companies will have to do their wheels. I don't think Gotway will be able to compete with this regardless of price. Did you see the Tesla Gotway is releasing? Is that a joke? It looks like 3 steps backwards in design. My 1600 I invested a lot of money to rework the wheel right after I bought it and its a solid wheel now for sure. This Z10 is a great leap forward. I'll gladly pay for a quality piece of kit.
  9. @Tilmann That's perfectly fine! Thanks so much for even that! Appreciate any attempt. This works just fine! Just message me the file when you get a chance! Thanks! Todd
  10. @Tilmann Thanks so much for your response. I completely understand your concern about it being dangerous. I suppose I'm not that worried as the rotation of the wheel is spinning forward. If it flips, it never flips backwards. Maybe sideways and mostly forward. If on the front it would be a major concern. I am definitely interested. Here example in a photo of the idea. This is usually done on custom choppers. Thanks so much! Todd
  11. Hi, love your 3D model just like Supersport! @Tilmann I was wondering if you could make a small change and make the bottom with a point like the bottom of a heart?! I'm thinking it might be a nice edge and go with the lines of the Msuper. Thanks!!
  12. Looking to sell a used ninebot E+ and a reworked P with a completely new motor, board and battery. This is hardware that ninebot refuses to admit they have and it was made after they said they stopped production on the P. Also as far as I know its the only one in the US. Only selling within the United States. Even better if you live in California! I have original boxes. E+ has new board in it and has about 400 miles. $500 P has less that 10 miles on it and brand new series 2 board, motor, and battery. $1300 High price on P because its its practically brand new and has new components that only a handful of people have. They don't make this anymore!
  13. Sorry to say but this was really unsafe riding regardless of safety equipment. ~Riding past pedestrians at high speed (gotway wheels do fly after a fall due to not shutting down immediately) You are responsible for yourself as well as others when riding. ~Why disable tiltback??? People make the argument that if you have tiltback on its more dangerous for the rider. Honestly that is a bullshit excuse because if you can't handle the tiltback riding at your current speed, your going too fast for your riding ability! ~Doesn't the constant beeping bother you??? First of all its annoying as hell and second of all and most importantly its trying to tell you something! Hello??? ~Honestly I love seeing how far the wheels are coming as in longer range but people who keep saying they want more and more speed and ruining it for what the wheel was initially intended for! You want to top out the speed? Show everyone how it shuts down? Go ride on a track or in back woods like EUC extreme. At least he is being responsible about it. ~If you want to spread this EUC to the general public, making them faster and having to dress up like a professional motorcycle racer will deter anyone but the hardcore. I have nothing against fast but the safety margin has to meet the speed! Yes I'm ranting and we really need to push to ensure safety and R&D the boards and software so they are safe. Redundant boards? Auto slow down and tiltback when hitting a designated speed well below the max? Not advertising the actual top speed? Using high quality grade components to begin with instead of just upgrading because they were just enough to meet the specs and safe a few dollars.
  14. @Kevin Grandon Glad you posted this as I was witness to this on our group ride. It is possible that this can be addressed with the firmware and hopefully does not become worse as in burned out boards. Its definitely the board that is an issue and @NevNutz has also experienced this on his Msuper 3 with braking. I am hoping @Jane Mo or someone at Gotway can address this ASAP and possibly give handheld units to distributors such as Nevin so he can update his customers wheels regarding faulty firmware issues in the boards.
  15. It's definitely more than possible as Gotway has shipped numerous batteries into the US over the last couple of months! @1RadWerkstatt, please figure out the certifications and shipping as there are already buyers here in the US! I know I for one would order right now!!!
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