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  1. Yes it does look like a piston. But in fact it's just a tent peg puller that I inserted into the gopro handle and clampd it using the camera thumb screw. It doesn't really need clamping as its in there pretty tight due to the hook at the end of the tent peg puller being adjusted to be just slightly bigger than hole it goes into. I can insert a video of how it works if you like.
  2. I was looking at the standard handle that you can buy for the ninebot and although I could see that it would work ok I hated that look of it. I also thought that the way it pertruded from the ninebot it not only spoiled the nice lines of the ninebot but would no doubt get in the way when mounting and dismounting the ninebot especially during unscheduled dismounts (crashes). What I really wanted was the ninebot factory to have realised that due the the ninebot being a heavy weight, to design a handle that can be used a carry handle and a trolling handle. Anyway they didn't so I have h
  3. I don't know if anyone else had tried this but just in case I thought I post this. I was looking at the official light fitting for the ninebot and I thought it spoiled the nice sleek looks of the ninebot. So I bought a couple of head torches and simply strapped them over the unit with the strap going just under the side paddings. That way I can take them off and put them on in a few seconds without tools and it does not spoil the cool look of the ninebot ( in my opinion anyway). p.s. I also hate the look of the official retractable handle and am working on a design that will fol
  4. WARNING... I fitted a handle to my unicycle (x7) and it's brilliant however one day after I fully charging my EU I immediately pushed my EU along with the power on, for about 10 mins as I was in a busy part of town and thought it best to not ride it until I got to a quiet part. That's when it all went horiblily wrong! I stepped on it and immediately as I started to move forward my EU powered down with no warning ejecting me violently face first onto the pavement. As it is winter here I was fully togged up so the padding cushioned the impact and I was ok. I tried to power the EU up after but it
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