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  1. Perfect, thanx Marty. I knew you would come through on this. I have done calibrations but this is my first Gotway brand wheel and was wondering if it was something in the control of the wheel. It makes sense I guess. It's not over the top but was unexpected. I think I have it backwards for the hill thing though. Just went out again and noticed the nose drops on hill climb not descent. Again, this is only really noticeable on slower speeds. Glad to hear that it is intentional and not indicative of a problem brewing. Thanks for the input guys...much appreciated. Otherwise I can say that I truly love this wheel.
  2. Hi guys, I was hoping someone could clear a couple things up for me. About a month ago I received my Gotway Monster 2400w which is an upgrade from my firewheel 779. I love the wheel but have noticed a couple quirks. The first is when I am going down hill or making a sharp turn, I notice the nose tilts down slightly. Is there any way to fix this. I was hoping a firmware was available but can't seem to find a way to upgrade or download a new one. The second is I notice there is a slight play when pushing the wheel forwards and backwards before it self balances. Is this normal? It is really not much, maybe a half cm or so but never had this on any other wheels I have ridden... but also never ridden Gotway before. Your thoughts would be appreciated and if there are any other monster owners that could check theirs that would be helpful. Thanks guys.
  3. Same here. Woke up and checked it on the iOS app. 100% and light indicators are the same...Gotnoproblem here :-)
  4. Ya the 0% was not plugged in at all. Just turned on after it arrived and I connected to it. You got me wondering so I just unplugged it for the first time. It wasn't finished charging but is reading 70% so I think it's fine. I'll check it in the morning.
  5. Let us know how it works out. My new monster 2400w arrived today from ridetheglide and I also am using the iOS app. It's been plugged in for the last 7 hours but was reading 0% before I started. I will leave it all night and let you know what it says when it's done
  6. Ya, same beeping but I don't get a voice for speeding. I decided to leave the fire wheel alone and let my daughter use it. I just recieved my Gotway monster 2400w and speed is not an issue now. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Aquaneo

    BMS shunting

    Ya, I have done a lot of reading on this but it would seem there are not as many firewheel owners as Airwheel or Ninebot and I haven't found out yet how easy it is to shunt this unit or if it is even worth it. I have only had one shut down and it was on a low battery going up a steep hill. I'm about 90kg so I'm sure it was bound to happen. I do know that I feel a push back after the beep beep beep that comes at about 20km/hr but truthfully haven't tried to "push through it". If I didn't have a bunch of snow on the ground here in Canada, I might go try.
  8. Thanks for the info, mine was purchased directly from China at http://en.fire-wheel.com/products3.html and was the first to roll out with comfort/sport modes. What's involved in shunting? Is there an online guide to follow? Is it possible to update the firmware on these units?
  9. I was hoping someone here could tell me how they managed to get their firewheel over 20 km/hr. I have a 1 yr old f779 (with comfort/sport mode) and I get a tilt back after a beep beep beep at about 20 km/hr. Am I doing something wrong? I never get a verbal warning for speed...just beeps and a tilt back.
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