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  1. I've always found that my wheel feels much slower after I've ingested a party pack of delicious crunchy tacos from Taco Bell. This observation intrigued me to such a degree that I began taking measurements. I then found that the number of tacos ingested is directly proportional to maximum speed limit from my gotway......lol. I'm going to graph the results and extract the mathematical formula and then publish it in a scientific publication of my choice. This will no doubt lead to fame and worldwide recognition amongst the scientific community.
  2. Yes, Marty's reviews and expertise are a great resource when selecting and getting the most out of your wheel. Congrats on one of the funnest wheels out, just wait until you start riding You'll be hooked!!!
  3. Great news! Finally.....lol Those of you who have known me since the beginning in 2015....I've always appreciated your support, now we are back with a new site. www.gofastelectric.com Customers who I have serviced before will get a coupon code with a substantial discount. New customers will also receive a nice discount!!
  4. Great! That's what I was thinking but I just haven't gotten my hands on one yet😁😁
  5. The Nikola looks nice, I'm wondering if the wheel feels more nimble than the MSX? Those of you who have ridden it awhile, what are your opinions?
  6. Wow, this is going to piss off a huge segment of the merchant population! I was notified a about six months ago that Paypal was considering this move, I just didn't believe they would actually do it. Well, we'll see how this effects the overall sentiment of the business owners that use Paypal. Thanks Jason for posting:)
  7. Thank you very much, it's been a fantastic journey with these incredible wheels.....I'm moving forward with not only EUC's, but all electric vehicles and the tech involved from an engineering and riding enthusiastic approach. 2019 will be a great year!!
  8. Great information and input here from you guys! Thanks for starting this topic:). Anything that can make this great hobby more enjoyable with a greater degree of safety is okay in my book.
  9. Ahhhhhh, memory lane.........lol, I also remember when you posted the most delicious looking cinnamon rolls on Facebook πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜, I'm going to have to plan a trip to meet you for a ride (cinnamon rolls optional of course)😁😁
  10. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm starting to ramp up sales and service again. I will be re-branding my company and taking electric fun to new heights:). Just wanted to shout out @Marty Backe for being one of my first 100 customers back in the day, you've come a long way from that mcm4, turned into acm16 sell😊😊, didn't know at that time that you would be hooked on these things huh?.....lol Yes, they are addicting!!
  11. For the last few months, my ACM was being a spaz....lol. When starting or stoping it would begin to vibrate pretty badly, but once at normal cruising speed it would operate normally. This would plague me for a whole 3 months and I checked the board to see if it was secure, checked all electronics, checked the axle nuts for looseness....nothin came up. I then decided to look really closely at the six screws (five on the side with no control board) that secure the case to the pedal hanger, they were quite loose but didn't appear that way. I grabbed some lock-tite and proceeded to tighten all
  12. Hello all, my name is Dion, I have a Ninebot that was tested by me to be functional to the highest standard. This thing is perfect! I have been involved with this wonderful euc industry since 2015, please feel free to text me at 1-925-493-0920, for detailed pictures. I've sold hundreds of wheels to happy customers, I am a legit seller through. Asking $1650 and I'll ship it anywhere in the lower 48 right away. Of course I'll honor the factory warranty and stand behind you for great after sales service.
  13. I have a Ninebot e+ and also a Ninebot a1, the a1 is mint the E+ is in good shape with about 100 miles on it.
  14. Yes, yes and yes!!!!!
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