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  1. I made a club in Hungary, and organize EUC meeting
  2. Hy Guys New Video, from Hungary. Dec.6
  3. Hungary EUC meeting, Tata Old Lake & Tata English Park
  4. Saturday night meeting in Budapest, 9 person.
  5. Hungary meeting 07.05.2016 6 person
  6. fabio70mi You tried the ninebot manual calibration? Does not work IPS? For sure there is simple solution.
  7. This might help: 9bot1 calibration , maybe work IPS unicycle
  8. Try ips zero android app maybe work. Download : http://www.iamips.com/m/ips_20151012.apk
  9. Sorry. My ips T121+ with bluetooth. Use the higher pedal forward
  10. Use of IPS applications, and use balance adjusment calibration
  11. Do not close the debate, wait until the engine arrives! So secure good final .
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