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  1. Both prices are gonna be close, I dropped it down to $350, yeah you would have to pay shipping, but at least you know what you are getting. Put some thought into it and let me know. No pressure either one, make the decision that is best for you!
  2. oh fair enough, I looked at that site, and it looks like that price they list doesnt include tax or shipping. If you are still interested I can adjust the price down to $350, but obviously shipping fees are not included in that.
  3. oh wow thats crazy, i have never seen them priced that low. can anyone verify thats a real price? Def not trying to shaft anyone, I thought they were still retailing for 800-900. *Edit: It might be priced crazy low to justify international shipping maybe? The site where I got mine originally still has them for 8-9, click through the comments section of that listing too. That looks so sketchy! it weighs 28 pounds, and the dimensions are (mm) 520×220×540. I dont have the original box, it got tossed in my move.
  4. Look it up and get at me. I used USPS to estimate the cost. If you can ship it cheaper just let me know and we can do that.
  5. Yeah man, I know im a new member so you dont have a ton to go off, but I really can tell you this thing is in great shape. its cheap because my new rent in charlotte is expensive and I just kind of want a buffer for that in 2016 more than I want this thing collecting dust in my closet. Rides great and is a steal at that price considering it retails for 850
  6. I am located in Charlotte N.C. But i can take as many pics as you would need if you are interested
  7. Like New NineBot One E for sale. Bought it for my work commute, however it has sat in my closet since the first 2-3 rides. Excellent condition, with the only ware mark being the normal scrapes associated with the learning process of riding. This thing is really cool, but I just dont get any use out of it. Less than 5 miles total use, rides great, just doesnt suit my needs. Because of the file size limits of the forum, here are a few quick pics of the ninebot. http://imgur.com/a/UoZpl US shipping only, I can only imagine what it would cost to international
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