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  1. Ive had to change many different flats and everytime i get one it has been a process i greatly dreaded. It just happened to me recently (ks16b), and i guess i have gotten way better at it as i was able to get it changed out in record time for myself without any trouble. I feel like i have heard people advise against slime for saftey reasons before, not sure if thats true though. Im looking forward to getting the KS18l soon, if the tire change process is similiar to the ks16b, im not worried about it anymore.
  2. "Are you from the future?" Also no one ever seems concerned about my health or amount of exercise i get when im driving or riding my motorcycle, But many people seemed very concerned for some reason when i ride my EUC.
  3. My dog is about a 70lb highly energetic lab, and he tries to go wherever he wants when i'm walking him. Its a skill that needs to be learned but nothing that require "bruce lee" talents. Ive been doing it for so long i can control him with one hand on the leach, watching him in my peripheral vision, while texting with my other hand.
  4. One of the key things you said in here was "i tried it once". Learning to control a dog on an EUC is a skill that needs to be learned. I can easily control the pull of a dog when he pulls me to the side. I've never rode an electric skateboard so can't speak to the difficulty on that. My dog is also very high energy so using the EUC makes it much easier for me to get him the exercise he needs.
  5. When i first started walking him on it, there was a big learning curve to know how to control him on it. I use to live in an area where he would see rabbits at night, and begin to pull me chasing after them. If this happened in a populated area without knowing how to stop him, it would be very dangerous. I think controlling a dog on an EUC is much easier than a bicycle. I can lean my whole body to counter his weight, and also use the stopping power of the EUC to counter if he starts pulling alot. I also use a retractable lease so i can easily adjust how long the leach is for whatever purpose i need it to be at.
  6. I have a labrador retreiver and I walk him every day with my EUC. I don't know why some people on here think its dangerous. He wears a harness, not a collar when i walk him. Controlling my dog while riding takes much more skill than just riding an EUC, but its a simple thing for me to do when you know how. As long as you are paying attention to the dog and the surroundings and predicting what can happen it is easy to do so safely. I love EUC's but using them to talk my dog was one of my "practical" excuses to justify buying one.
  7. When i switch wheels i always find anything different on the new wheel to be strange at first too. The stock padding on my ks16b really hurt my legs at first when leaning on it, but after putting bumper padding over them its fine now. I scrape the pedals when doing quick turns too but it doesn't bother me much anymore.
  8. Looks awesome! love seeing bigger wheel designs and have always wondered if suspension could be integrated effectively.
  9. I prob average a flat about once a year, always very annoying to change it out.
  10. look up any popular youtube video and you will find lots of absurd comments. I don't know how this is suppose to support your arguement. Again i will reinterate this guy only had "attitude" after he won the arguement, also after the cop mocked and berated him. I don't believe people should live in fear of police so can't agree with any arguements of "dont argue with the police, they have guns". If a police is trying to enforce non existent laws I am all for citizens respectfully telling them that.
  11. This type of reasoning is what leads to tyranny. If people didn't insist upon being treated fairly and not having unjust laws imposed upon them america would have never been founded.
  12. You are talking about no reason to disrespect the police, the police was disrespecting a law abiding citizen. The citizen responded respectfully asking which law he was violating and stating the law as he knew it, I don't know how he could be more respectful than that. The only slight disrespect was at the end after the cop was leaving, and in my eyes it didn't even equal the original disrespect from the cop. You also talk about being bad being popularized as being good, How exactly was this guy being bad? If a cop tells you you can't walk on a sidewalk and you tell him you are legally allowed to walk on a sidewalk is that being bad? On a final note if the cop was respectful the whole time I believe this guy would not have taken the verbal jab at him in the end either.
  13. David S

    KingSong KS 16S

    Ill happily sacrifice some range for a more powerful motor as i never come close to needing the full range on my ks16. Ill prob look into upgrading when this comes out.
  14. I disagree completely that he was too cocky. If anyone was cocky it was the cop with his "where did you get your law degree? on facebook". He used cop tactics which frighten people to do what they say without asking questions, that's not the role cops are suppose to serve.The cop was trying to enforce something that wasn't a law and the guy responded to him with facts, respectfully. Sure, at the end he took a liltle victory jab at him but seems deserved to me.
  15. I think i read it on this forum somewhere a long time ago, but like mono said maybe it works fine.
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